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Why You Should Use Moving Blankets

Relocation is not an easy process as you need to protect every item that you own. It does not matter whether you are moving next door or to another city, it takes a split second for an accident to occur. Luckily, the moving process has been made easy with the invention of moving pads, as they protect not only your items but your home as well. If you are about to relocate you should not miss out on the benefits of using moving blankets. This is why we have created this useful guide on why you should use moving blankets, and we know you`ll love them.

What are moving blankets anyway?

Moving blankets are often called furniture padding as well. They are an irreplaceable part of moving and packing supplies that will make your relocation damage-free. A moving blanket is a hard cloth made from polyester or cotton, or a combination of the two. There are reasons why you should use furniture padding when moving. They serve to absorb any shock your items may experience during the transport. Cover your furniture, art, musical instruments to avoid any damage.

Are there alternatives to using moving blankets?

The original moving blanket is the best thing you can use when moving. This is because it is thick and specifically designed to protect your furniture from any damage. However, you can use a cheaper alternative. Your old towels and blankets can serve you as a moving blanket. If you have any older towels and blankets now is a good time to put them to use. This is particularly useful if you have to move several times shortly.

a moving blanket

An alternative to the original moving blanket would be your old blanket

How to obtain moving blankets?

There are two ways in which you can obtain moving blankets. If you hire a moving company and have them pack your belongings, they will provide you with moving blankets. This is quite useful as you won`t have to get them yourself. Plus, you will save time and energy on having all the items packed properly by pros. The other way is to rent or buy them on your own. Walmart, Amazon, and other companies offer a wide variety of moving blankets to purchase, so you can easily order them online or go pick them up. However, if you only plan on moving once, perhaps the better and cheaper option is to rent moving blankets.

Moving blankets - the offer on the Amazon

Order moving blankets through popular online retailers; source:

How to use moving blankets for your relocation?

Obtain several moving blankets depending on your needs. Unfold the moving blanket and place it over the item you want to cover. Make sure that you cover the entire item so there is no uncovered area that might get damaged. Next, you should secure the blanket for the item. Use high-quality tape or stretch wrap for this. Instead of this, you can also use a mover`s rubber bands. They are super-efficient and reusable, perfectly fitting the furniture as they can stretch twice their size. Once you finish with the preparation it is time to get the furniture or other items into the moving truck. Use a furniture dolly for heavy items for extra protection.

Why you should use moving blankets for your relocation?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use moving blankets, and we will show you the most important ones.

Moving blankets will protect your floors

Protecting floors during a move is a must. Moving blankets will certainly help. Scratches and dents can easily occur when you don`t use a moving blanket for items that don`t fit inside a moving box. If you damage your floor when moving out, this can cause you inconvenience. For example, if you are selling your home, a damaged floor will decrease its value. And if you were there as a tenant, you risk not getting your deposit back.

And walls, as well

Next to floors, the biggest damage occurs on the walls of your home. A split second is enough to hit the wall and leave a dent in it. Moving blankets prevent this and will protect your items as well. Damaging your house before you relocate is the worst thing that happens, and you can easily avoid this with the right packing supplies.

An empty apartment after the move

Moving blankets will protect your floors, walls, and corners

Your items will stay clean

Moving blankets are waterproof, and no amount of dirt, dust, rain, snow, or mud can get to your items. They will arrive at your new home just like before you covered them in blankets. This is quite useful as you will not have to clean them thoroughly and waste your time when all you want to do is relax and unpack. No matter what the weather is outside, the moving blanket can get wet and dirty, but you can rest assured that your items will remain clean.

No shifting inside the moving truck

One of the greatest benefits of using moving blankets is that your items will be safer inside the moving truck. Any shifting during transport can potentially damage your items. Moving blankets will help protect the most commonly damaged items during the move. With the moving blanket, it is almost impossible for the item to move and damage, as the blankets are not slippery.

Moving blankets are perfect for items that don`t fit inside the moving box

No matter how large the moving box is, sometimes the items just won`t fit in. Sculptures, figurines, other forms of art, large TVs, various pieces of furniture would remain unprotected were it not for the moving blankets. Use moving blankets when packing and moving heavy items. Simply cover the item and secure the blanket with a tape or a rubber band and you are good to go.

Professional movers are loading the moving truck

Hiring professional movers may be the best option

Remember that you can always hire professionals for your relocation

If you don`t have time, energy, or strength to pack and relocate all of your items, get help. A reliable NYC moving company will use all the right packing supplies and handle your items with care. They know the right lifting and moving techniques that will prevent any moving injuries. Furthermore, they will use moving blankets to get the most out of the relocation, because there are plenty of benefits as we have seen. Another benefit of using the services of a moving company is that you will have insurance in case any damage or loss occurs. Good luck!