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Why You Should Book Movers in Advance?

Booking moving services in advance is the safest way to have a smooth move and avoid stress and limited options. By booking movers in advance will give you a better quality of service, more dates available, lower costs, and more options to choose from. Perhaps the most important thing about hiring a moving service beforehand is convenience. You’ll have peace of mind and you won’t have to panic by searching for reliable movers last minute. It will also allow you to plan your budget and figure out ways to cut moving costs before the moving day comes. If you’re wondering why you should book movers in advance, keep on reading. In the following text, we’ll go through several most important reasons to hire professional movers ahead.


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Always book your movers in advance to make sure everything is under control

More options

As with any other service, the best one is booked first. Think about the best restaurant in town or your favorite hairdresser, or any other service provider with high ratings. You’ll need to make a reservation in advance. The same goes for the best local and long distance movers NYC, and the longer you wait, the less great options you’ll have. Booking movers ahead will give you much more options when it comes to the best service and best movers. You’ll have enough time to research, get various quotes, more dates, etc.

It will also allow for more time to work all the details out in advance, instead of rushing through the process. Booking in advance allows you to choose a company you want rather than choosing the one that’s left when you’re hiring on short notice. You’ll be able to get better service because you’ll have enough time to find out which company has the highest ratings and best options for your specific needs.

Better rates

We all want our relocation to be as affordable as possible and early booking helps you spend less and know what to expect when it comes to moving costs. Scheduling ahead will also help you find better moving rates and plan a budget. Movers will give you moving quotes in advance, you can use that information to budget the rest of your relocation. You should get at least three different quotes to compare prices and services included. Reputable movers will always offer moving quotes free of charge.

Most movers offer discounts for early booking. So, chances are you’ll save money if you contact them in advance. You can also get an even better price if you’re flexible with dates. It’s usually cheaper to move in the middle of the month. Mid-week moves are also usually more affordable than moving on weekends. So, you can save a bit extra if you reach out to local movers in advance and look into all the different options. There are various ways to save money when moving. Reach out to movers in advance to get more details about better moving rates.


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Try not to limit your options because of lousy timing

It’s more convenient

Stress is an inevitable part of every move. But you can avoid stress when moving if you organize and plan ahead. Booking movers in advance is a less stressful option because you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the biggest part of your move is taken care of. Let’s say you are booking movers a week or a few days before your relocation. They will likely be too busy and leave you with limited choices, adding unnecessary stress to an already stressful process. Between preparing yourself for a change, searching for a new home, leaving your current neighborhood, packing and sorting your belongings, you’ll easily get too stressed if you have to add another task to a busy schedule, such as looking for a moving company. Therefore, booking movers in advance is the most convenient solution.

Flexible dates

As mentioned earlier, choices are pretty limited when you’re moving last-minute because most moving companies are already booked and you’ll have to select a date when they’re available instead of choosing a date that works for you. If there’s a specific date that you want for your relocation, you’ll have to contact movers in advance and schedule that specific day. That’s especially the case if you plan on moving on the weekend because that’s the busiest time for every moving company. Spring and summer are peak seasons and usually very busy for most movers, so if you’re among those people who plan to move during this period, consider scheduling way ahead. If you wait for too long and your moving date gets too close, you may be forced to go for the only available company instead of going for the best moving company of your choice.

Special services

If you’re moving around the block with only a few moving boxes, you don’t have to worry about this part. But if you’re reading this article, chances are you have more things to transport and an entire household to move. In case you have to move large items such as furniture, musical instruments, artwork, a hot tub, or any other oddly-shaped or oversized item in your home, you’ll need special services and those should be arranged well in advance for best results. These types of belongings require extra care and unique ways of handling, packing & unpacking, and transport, so at least several weeks ahead is required to plan and organize their moving.

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There is no reason to worry if you book your movers in advance

Now that you’ve learned reasons to book movers in advance, go ahead and find the best professional moving company. Professionally licensed and reliable Dumbo Moving and Storage can be a perfect solution for your upcoming move. Whether you’re moving short-distance or to another country, whether you’re moving home or office, we’ve got you covered. We perform a wide range of moves and we also offer storage options and packing services. We choose to have a transparent pricing system, so you won’t have to worry about “hidden” expenses. Our experienced crew will provide great customer service and make your relocation as efficient as possible. Contact us today to chat about your relocation − get a free quote and a moving plan tailored for your specific move.