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What to Pack Last When Moving

There are quite a few time-consuming moving tasks, and packing is certainly at the top of the list. Sometimes, it takes hours, but more often, it takes days or even weeks to pack all of your belongings. Once you add the time needed to sort through everything, gather packing supplies, seal, and label, the entire packing process can seem overwhelming. Especially if you have a big household. But, there are ways to help you go through it faster and more efficiently. Before you learn how to pack quickly and efficiently, take some time and consider what not to pack. In other words, figure out what to pack last when moving.

The reason for separating some items before packing is simply because you may need to use them before leaving. Let’s say a piece of furniture is too big and you have to remove the door to go through. But, what if your tools are at the bottom of some box? Or, you’re all set and ready to go, the only thing left is to clean the house. But, your cleaning materials are nowhere to be found. Several scenarios can make you take the seal off and search for an item you’ve already packed. To prevent this, you better have easy access to your “essentials bag”. You should also have access to all the items you might need before moving out. Carry on reading to learn what to pack last when moving.


Cleaning materials

The last things to be packed are those you’ll use just before you leave your current home. Think about the last thing that requires your attention when leaving – that’s cleaning. You should always leave your place in good condition and clean for the next owner. If you’re renting, you may not get the deposit back if you leave a messy space behind. So, leave those cleaning supplies and pack them last when moving. That’s because you’ll want to use them and not buy new products for single use.

Food and drinks

Chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of take-out in the final days before moving. This is a common scenario and it makes perfect sense because you’ll have your kitchen packed and you will be too busy to cook. Apply some helpful tips for handling food on moving day and start packing. Since kitchen items take time to be packed and you want to have them prepared on time, make sure to keep a few utensils aside or get disposable ones. Disposable cups and dishes are a life-saver in those final moving days. Besides having utensils and dishes, you’ll also want to have some snacks and refreshments on hand, so don’t pack your non-perishables because they can be super handy during busy days. Instant drinks are also something to have on you, so pack them last.


A Bag with Canned Food

Keep food and drinks easily accessible

Items that belong to children or pets

Your kids will need some extra comfort during relocation, so pack their things last. Keep items like toys or things your kids are attached to until moving day. Let them have their important things close to them. The same goes if you’re moving with pets. Keep their food and their toys with you so you wouldn’t have to dig through the boxes in the middle of moving.

Toiletries and medicine

Remember you have to pack an essentials bag? It should contain all the necessities for a couple of days. Toiletries and medicine are the first items you should pack into that bag. Separate your hygiene items as well as your medications and pack them last. Of course, you’ll need to shower and wash your face on a moving day as well. So, keep your basic toiletries handy.


Soaps, Toothbrushes, and a Towel

Don’t forget on personal hygiene


Taking all the right documents and paperwork with you when moving is vital. Make sure you don’t forget anything. While you will certainly bring your ID with you. There are other documents you should pack last, as well, such as the contract you signed with movers, your inventory list, the rental lease, etc.

Connection devices

Yes, you’ll have your phone and probably a laptop with you. But, don’t forget you need chargers, batteries, or extension cords as well. You may have to use the navigation or get in touch with your movers, landlord, or anyone else during your trip, so make sure your devices are close to you. A great idea is to bring a power bank, just in case your move gets delayed or you get stuck in traffic. Be careful when you pack and move a computer. Make sure you don’t damage it. Keep these types of items unpacked as long as you can because you may need to get some last-minute info or reach someone.


A Charger

Keep your chargers and cables reachable

Clean bedding and clothing

While clothing is probably the first on the list to be packed, you should have a few pieces kept until the last minute. A clean change of clothes should be packed last simply because it’s easier to have it handy than go through what’s already packed. You may spill something or get all dusty while loading boxes into the moving truck and carrying furniture out of your home, and you’ll be pretty happy you kept that fresh pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt unpacked. Bedding is another thing to keep unpacked as long as possible, so have a box ready for those sheets you slept on the night before moving day. The separate box can serve for all the items you plan to pack last and you can move it together with your essentials bag.


Make sure you can find your clean clothes quickly


The box you pack last will often be the box you need first when you arrive at your new address. You’ll also want to clean your new place, you’ll want to have some basic toiletries on hand, as well as some snacks and drinks to freshen up before unpacking and settling into your new home. Hopefully, our shortlist helps you figure out what to pack last. For everything else, Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service. Contact us today and get free moving quotes.