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The Ultimate Guide for Address Change During a Move

Whether you are moving to a new country, or just around the corner there are some things you must not forget to do. One of these is an address change with all the institutions you are associated with, as well as inform your friends and relatives. Address change is not at all difficult, in most cases, you can do it online. However, due to a large number of accounts and forms, it is important to start on time and be meticulous when it comes to what exactly you need to do next. This is why we have created the ultimate guide for address change during a move which will make your relocation a whole lot easier.

Change of Address During a Move Concept

When to start with the address changing process?

One of the most important questions is when to start with the address changing process. Well, the sooner the better, of course. About two months before your relocation you should start making a list of all the mail you receive from different institutions so that you know exactly where you should change your address. Then approximately two weeks before you move you should start making the changes. You might be tempted though to tell your friends and family your new address right away, but we don`t recommend this as knowing when and where you will move will be tempting for thieves and hackers.

What information do you need to change your address?

You will need the exact new address and zip code. Make sure there are no spelling errors, as this will make address change more tedious than it needs to be. Furthermore, you will need your account numbers for utility companies, and medical providers, so make sure you have them. Also, you will need your passwords to change the address online, which will make your life much easier.

Start your address change with the post office

Change of Address Paperwork

Two weeks before your relocation head off to the post office to change your address. There is a form that you need to fill out. If you are moving with your family, you will need to state their names and file an address change for them as well. You can fill out a single form if you and your family members have the same surnames, and you will need to fill out a different form if any of your family members have a different surname. What is great about changing the address with the post office is that you can simply do it online on the following link.

Proceed to change your address with the government agencies

The IRS, Social Security Administration, State Tax Agency, the DMV need to know your address to provide their services. For example, you can`t get a stimulus check or even a tax refund if the IRS is not familiar with your new address. Or if you receive benefits for retirement, disability, survivor benefits, or medical benefits, the Social Security Administration will not send them to you without your new address. The DMV expects you to notify them about the address change within 30 days. If you head to the DMV office you will be able to change the address for your driver`s license, voter registration, vehicle registration, and passport as well.

Don`t forget about the utilities

Turning your utilities off at your old house and turning them on at your new house should be on the top of your priorities. Imagine arriving at your new home only to find out that there is no heating or running water. In order not to make relocation harder than it already is, remember to change your address with the following utility companies:

  • Water and sewage company
  • Gas and electric
  • Phone providers, as well Internet and cable providers
  • Garbage providers
  • Home security company

If you are moving to a different country you will need to turn your utilities off to turn them on at your new home. However, if you are moving within the state, you will most likely just have to change your address online without having to close your accounts.

Insurance companies are next

People Going Over a Moving Insurance Contract

Having moving insurance while you are moving to a new home is essential. Start from your home or rental insurance. Also, while you are there, check whether your belongings are insured during the move. If not, make sure to take the right insurance plan with your professional moving company. Furthermore, your life, dental, and health insurance will only work if your address is right. Finally, your address should be updated for the car insurance along with the driver`s license and vehicle registration. Note that you need to do this even you are just moving around the corner. Otherwise, you risk a lack of insurance coverage due to the wrong address.

Your employer should be informed of the address change as well

Inform your current employer about your new address on time. If you are starting a new job, your previous employer should be informed regardless. This is because they need to send you tax information and similar documents even if you no longer work there. Also, your new employer will need your updated address as well.

Don`t forget about the subscriptions

If you have subscription boxes or magazines an address change is a must. Although this is not as important as changing your address with the IRS, for example, it should still be done on time. There is no reason to spend money on items you never receive.

Your friends and family

Informing Friends About Address Change Online

If you don`t receive any holiday cards from your friends and family members, this is only because you failed to inform them about your address change. To do this more efficiently, you can use your holiday list or your contact list. Send a mass e-mail with your new address and finish this within 30 seconds.

Although the address change may seem like too much trouble, it is not. Just make sure you start on time and make the change wherever it is necessary. Use the benefits of online address change where possible, and you will save a ton of time. Good luck!