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Which Type of Moving Estimate Is the Best?

Getting a moving estimate helps you plan your budget and have peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect from your movers. Before hiring a professional moving company NYC, get several quotes to be able to compare prices, as well as services available. Before determining the cost of your relocation, you will have different types of estimates to choose from. We prepared for you a handy guide that should help you decide which type of moving estimate is the best.

There are three types: non-binding moving estimate, binding moving estimate, and binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate. You should choose one based on your circumstances, your preference, and your budget.

Types of moving estimates

Non-binding estimate

People often choose this type of estimate because it gives you a general idea of the cost. Basically, a non-binding estimate doesn’t give you a precise quote and slight variation may happen. It makes a solid choice if you want a free quote that you can plan your budget on.

Binding moving estimates

This type of moving estimate differs from a non-binding one because it gives you the exact amount of money required for your move. A great thing about a binding estimate is that it binds both a moving company and you to pay exactly the price you agreed upon before the moving day. It’s super helpful in case you need to plan your budget precisely.

Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimates

This type of moving estimate is the best if you have a limit that you can’t exceed, but you don’t want to go for a binding contract in advance. With the binding-not-to-exceed estimate, movers will quote the highest potential price, and the final amount will not exceed the quote even if it turns out on a moving day that it should be more expensive.

Which type of moving estimate is the best?

Determining which type of moving quote is the best depends on your specific situation. Take into account your budget, the size of your household, and whether you are only at the stage of research, or you are just about to hire a moving company. Non-binding quotes are generally the best if you are only at the beginning of the planning and you want to get several quotes before making a decision. On the other hand, with binding contracts, you can get a precise cost and plan accordingly.

Calculating the Cost and Deciding Which Type of Moving Estimate Is the Best

While you are deciding between three types of moving estimates, go ahead and decide how you want your items to be assessed. You can choose between the on-site estimate and the video estimate.

On-site estimate

This type of estimate takes some time because movers have to visit your home and do a visual inspection. They will come to your home according to the schedule you arrange with them in advance.  They need to do a walkthrough of your home to make an assessment of household items and determine the price. Even though it might be less convenient in case you are extremely busy, an onsite estimate gives you peace of mind and an accurate in-home estimate.

Video estimate

Video moving estimate is the best type of estimate in case that you don’t like the idea of the best movers Brooklyn visiting your home, or if your schedule is too tight to afford movers’ visit.  This time-saving strategy allows you to have a video survey with a moving company. It’s as simple as chatting with a friend using your phone or tablet. After you chose a suitable time slot, a representative will give you a call and you can walk them through your home online. A customized moving quote usually arrives in hours.

Is Video Moving Estimate the Best

Considering a current COVID-19 pandemic, video estimates are more common than ever. Thanks to them you can still tailor your moving plan but you don’t have to risk social contact. However, the in-home estimate is usually the most accurate one, and most movers have taken various precautions to keep everyone safe. If you decide to go for an on-site estimate, make sure to contact the company of your choice and inquire about protective measures.

Important factors affecting the estimate

Whichever type of estimate you choose, you should be aware of several things that can determine the price. These are some of the most common factors to consider.

Total weight or size of the load

Whether you choose an on-site or video estimate, and regardless of the type of the contract, the total weight or size of your household items affects the cost.


Moving to another country naturally takes more time and effort than moving locally. The longer it takes to move, the higher the estimate will be. The explanation is quite simple – think of gas money, labor costs, etc.


You will generally get a higher estimate if you plan to move during peak season. If possible, be flexible with dates, as simply changing a moving date for a couple of weeks can be far more affordable.

Specific moving services

When you’re getting several moving quotes from different movers, make sure to check what exactly is included in that quote. Perhaps you are only getting moving services, or maybe you need packing services as well, or even some specialty moving, such as transporting artwork or piano.

Additional charges

Don’t forget to inquire about additional charges that might apply, such as packing service oddly-shaped items, long carry charges, disassembling/reassembling furniture, storage fees, cancellation charges, etc. An on-site estimate is a great option because a representative can answer any questions in person.

Whichever type of estimate you decide to go for, choose a moving company that supports a transparent pricing system. At Dumbo Moving and Storage, we offer full service and customize an estimate for your specific move. Get in touch today to get started.