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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Moving To Miami

Moving to a new city is always challenging, whether you’ve already familiar with it, or you are going to break new ground. It is a big decision that impacts your lifestyle and changes your routines. Moving is stressful enough even without any unexpected situations. It’s not just about packing or unpacking, it’s not easy to leave your old life behind, no matter how thrilled you are about beginning a new page of your life. Before you finally move and become a Miamian, let’s take a quick look at some common mistakes that people make when moving to Miami.


Moving on your own

Let’s be straight. Maybe moving on your own looks tempting at first, and seems like a good way to save little money in your pocket, but in most cases, it’s actually the opposite. On the contrary, a good and reliable NYC moving company can actually lower the overall cost of moving. How’s that possible?! Understanding moving costs will help you with moving to South Florida on a budget and avoid common mistakes when moving to Miami. Calculate the cost of all kinds of moving and packing supplies you’ll need, including hours and hours of packing and loading your stuff, and even multiple trips from the old to the new location. Not to mention that packing and moving heavy and bulky household items is difficult and dangerous. And who’s going to pay for any damage or any accidental bumps? Only you, of course.

Responsible and professional local movers won’t let anything like that happen and will offer you moving insurance, so you can relax. Professional long distance movers NYC can help you a lot with moving from NY to Florida. Moving companies are experienced and can handle everything, and you’ll have more time to focus on other things you should do before the move. And also, when you finally arrive at your destination, you will want to do something else than worry about damaged or broken items.

So, do quick research, compare different companies and their prices, estimate your budget, and free yourself of this big task. You certainly won’t regret it.


A Couple S Packing For A DIY Move To Miami

Renting an apartment in a hurry

Many people move to Miami every day, and the real estate market varies based on the number of people who are coming in and out of the city during a specific season. If you don’t want to spend a fortune for a home, it’s best to wait until the off-season. When it comes to the place where you intend to live, it’s usually not possible to visit the new city several times until you find something that fits your needs. And looking for an apartment on the Internet can be risky. You won’t know does the apt even exists until you arrive. So, how to avoid scams and frauds? Look for registered and verified places, or even better, hire a real estate agent. Spending a few more bucks will give you less headache than arriving with a bunch of your belongings in the non-existing place.

Not having a job in hand

Miami is constantly growing and there are plenty of jobs around, but keep in mind that most of the jobs are for lower-level positions, and are also underpaid, especially if you are looking for a job in a rush. Not having a job is one more in the line of common mistakes when moving to Miami. It’s best to start applying for jobs before moving from NYC to Florida. Finding a job before you move isn’t easy, but it’s worse to accept something far beyond your qualifications and wait for a better opportunity.


A Woman Is Looking For A Job Online

Finding an apartment away from your workplace

You’ve certainly researched Miami as much as you could, heard or read a lot of stories about different parts of the city, and obtain some preferences. However, do not make a decision where you’ll live based on aesthetic reasons only. Keep in mind that in such a big city, 15 min drive can easily become 30+ min during rush hours, meaning that you’ll end up being frustrated on the road. Owning a car in a big city can be more trouble than worth.

Luckily, Miami has a great public transport system that covers large parts of the city. It includes trains, buses, and trolleys. There are many pedestrian-friendly areas and cycling lines if you prefer to walk or cycle to work. Make yourself familiar with the transport system and check the most suitable options for you, before you rent an apartment or move.

Overlooking the extreme weather conditions

One more on the list of common mistakes when moving to Miami is underestimating the weather. South Florida, including Miami, is well-known for its extreme weather. So, before moving from Manhattan to Florida, prepare yourself for hot and humid days and sudden downpours. If your apartment has no air conditioner, invest in one before the summer months. Temperatures in July can reach 82 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure that you always have sunscreen at your fingertips, as well as something else for protection, like a large hat, or light clothes.


Palm Trees Bending Under The Heavy Wind Of A Tropical Storm

Heavy rainfalls are common between May and October, which means you shouldn’t move around without an umbrella. It rains almost every day in the summer. Also, be aware of occasional floods in certain areas due to rising sea levels. There’s a lot of chance that you’ll experience a tropical storm at least once a year. Inform about evacuation routes in the areas where you plan to stay and obtain a hurricane kit, just in case. Peak hurricane season is in August and September.

Bugs and pests love a tropical climate and many of them are common in a house, so be ready to face them. It’s recommended to hire pest control before moving to a new place.


Miami might seem like a hard place to live at first, but it is a great city full of diverse people from all over the world that live together in harmony. The sun shines after every storm, the beaches are amazing, and it’s full of clubs and astonishing restaurants at every corner. Miami has some of the best food in the U.S. and not just only for the finest Latin American and Caribbean-style dishes. So, before moving from NYC to Miami, try to relax and think about something nice, like how to add a personal touch to a new home after moving. Welcome to the Magic City!