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The Worst Days to Move During The Holiday Season

Are you thinking of moving on Christmas, New Year, Easter, or another holiday? Before you decide, you should know that holidays are the busiest times for most businesses and not the best time to move house. But in case you have no other choice but to move during the holiday season, you should get familiar with the worst days and avoid them if possible. From traffic jams to overbooked services and hefty moving rates, holiday relocation has quite a few challenges to it. Luckily, Dumbo Moving and Storage did some research for you. Read on to learn about the worst days to move during the holiday season.

Moving During The Holidays

Which are the worst days to move during the holiday season?

What are the worst days to move during holidays?

Holidays are busy for everyone so you can expect rush hour pretty much 24/4 wherever you go. If you head to the shopping mall, you’ll deal with crowds, if you’re out for a family dinner, all the tables are booked, and if you’re on a highway, traffic is nothing to be happy about. This is a rule of thumb so expect to deal with some sort of delay or waiting in lines. However, you could at least avoid days that seem to be the worst for moving during the holiday season. To begin with, you’ll want to consider your mode of transport. Here are some days to avoid for most common types of transport.

The worst days to move on holidays if you’re driving

If you live in a big city or commute to work, you’re already familiar with rush hour and traffic jams. While most people are used to heavy traffic in certain areas, holidays take this issue to a whole new level. In case you’ve decided to go for a DIY move, then driving will be a logical solution. The first option is to move by your own car. This is an easy way to relocate if you have a smaller house and not much to pack. On the other hand, renting a moving truck is better if you have a big household or if you’re moving long-distance. So, if you need a moving truck, inform on how the choose the right moving truck, contact your movers, and get an instant truck rental estimate.

But while a DIY move may go smoothly in some cases, DIY relocation during holidays may be a nerve-racking experience. One of the busiest periods of the year is Christmas. Think about any business around Christmas time and you’ll understand just why this is not a good time to drive. Naturally, Christmas and New Year Holidays are the worst time to move house.

In case you have to move during the holiday season, make sure you at least avoid the weekend before Christmas because this is usually the busiest day in the entire world. Another day that must be on your to-avoid list is Black Friday. This is the time when most families shop for their Christmas presents, people are going away for vacations, driving home or to meet with their friends and family, and so on. Considering how heavy the traffic gets and how busy Christmas and New Year Holidays are, you should try your best not to move on these days. The budget plays an important role too. If you’re not moving by yourself but hiring movers instead, these days are still to be avoided. The reason is simple− it’s the price. Moving rates are much higher during the New Year’s holidays so you’ll pay extra for services.

New Year's Eve Fireworks

The New Year holiday season is not the best time for moving

The worst days to move on holidays if you’re traveling by plane

In case you’re moving to another state, you’ll benefit most from hiring moving experts. Because cross-country relocation is so complex, the DIY move is not the best idea. And while your mover will safely transport your belongings, you’ll still have to figure out a way to get to your new home. Traveling by plane comes as the best solution. But which days should you avoid air travel? First, avoid flying on Christmas and New Year because this is when most people travel. In fact, the entire 17-day period around New Year is best to be avoided. Weekends are notoriously busy and even more expensive so don’t book tickets for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

In case you have no other choice but to travel around Christmas, then you could at least pick the best day to fly out. Those would be your Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ticket prices are usually lower these days because it’s more convenient for most people to fly out after work and take advantage of prolonged weekends.

The worst days to move

Besides holidays you’ve just read about, other dates are also not your best choice to move house. So even if you’re not moving on Christmas or Easter, you’ll want to pick a moving date carefully and sip some busy periods. These are some of them:


As mentioned before, weekends are notoriously busy for movers. The reason is simple – people are off work so Saturdays and Sundays are the most convenient days to move house. If you want to save money, avoid weekends and opt for another day of the week.

Beginning of the month

Since most leases end and start at this time, movers have more work. And how does that affect your budget? It means that you’re likely to pay higher moving rates due to moving companies being fully-booked. But if you, like most people, have to move at the beginning of the month, there’s an easy fix. Simply reach out to your mover way in advance and book early. That should help you find affordable rates.

A Calendar

The beginning of the month is generally not the best time to relocate

Peak season

Naturally, peak season is one of the worst periods to move house. Anywhere from early May to late August is not your best choice when you want to avoid high rates and horrible traffic. An easy fix is to choose the last two weeks of summer since these are not so busy. The reason is that most families are preparing for a new school year by this time so movers’ schedules are less busy.


Hopefully, this article will help you figure out what are the worst times to move and book a reliable moving service Brooklyn, especially during the holiday season. Avoid these dates and you’ll see that your moving rates are lower, your traffic is not so bad, and your overall moving experience is more pleasant. You know, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. So, contact your cheap local movers NYC on time and enjoy your move. If you’d like to learn more about the worst and the best times to move house, feel free to contact us. At Dumbo Moving and Storage, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Even if you’re moving during the peak season, spring break, or any other busy time of year, we’re at your service! Reach out to us and receive your complimentary in-house or online moving quotes!