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Self-service Movers or Full-service Movers?

When moving, you should be well-informed about the types of moving services available so that you can find a suitable NYC moving company. Personal factors that can determine your decision are moving costs, distance, time, workload, the complexity of the move, availability of your friends or relatives to help. However, in case you want to hire a moving company, you should decide whether to hire self-service movers or full-service movers. What you should do is to compare all available options and choose one that suits you best and meets your criteria and demands.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide whether you’d benefit more from full-service or self-service movers.

Self-service movers or full-service movers?


Considering that full-service movers will take care of all parts of your move, normally, the costs will be higher. On the other hand, hiring self-service movers will charge less because they will handle only one smart part of the relocation. The difference is considerable because, with a self-service moving company, you’ll only pay for a vehicle with a professional driver. This is only regarding the cost of hiring movers, however, to compare how much the entire move will cost you, you’d also have to take other things into account, such as packing supplies, time off work in case you need extra time to pack, etc.


If convenience is your main priority, things are pretty clear – full-service is the easiest way to move house without lifting a finger. Full-service movers will bring their own equipment and packing supplies, they’ll pack everything and carry boxes and load them into the moving truck, they will handle every step from the beginning of relocation to your settling in. This is especially important with long-distance moving because moving to another country is a complex job and it’s best to leave it to professionals. In case you go for self-service movers, you will have to handle all the things by yourself except for driving, and you’ll certainly have to take some amount of stress into account.


As mentioned above, when you hire self-service, you’ll have to do most of the job yourself, including getting packing supplies, packing your entire household, loading and unloading, etc. While none of this is necessarily difficult or complicated, it is definitely time-consuming. When it comes to time and saving a lot of it, your best bet is full-service because you’ll be able to carry on with your normal routine while professionals are handling your relocation.

Personal choice

Another thing that may play an important role in choosing the best type of movers is whether you like to do things personally or prefer someone else to do it. Some people may find it easier to pack on their own and know exactly how and where they packed each item, in which case a self-service mover will be a better option. For others, hiring movers and packers and being a full-service user is the most suitable option.

Self-service movers or full-service movers – the differences

Whether you will hire self-service or full-service movers should depend on many factors. Self-service movers usually provide limited moving service, since they take care only of driving the moving truck. You are responsible for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your items, which is why self-service movers are available at a very good price. This moving option allows you to save some of the money, which is ideal for people moving on a tight budget.

stressed man

If you decide to hire full-service movers, you will make sure to avoid many moving troubles.

In case you go for this option, you will have to invest a lot of effort, time, and patience in order to make it happen. The self-service move usually includes a moving truck, a professional driver, and in some cases a moving containerYou can get these even a few days before the move so that you can store and load your items a few days in advance.

The company will drop off as many containers as you need. They will relocate the moving container directly to your new place or into storage Brooklyn, depending on your situation. Moving companies providing moving containers usually offer storage services in case you cannot move into the new place the same day you leave your old home. When you rent the container, you will have a predetermined time within which you will have to unload it. If you need to keep the container a bit longer, talk to the rental company, because they will charge you additionally for that.

Reasons for hiring full-service movers

On the other hand, you might be too busy to handle the whole move. If you are, leave it to the full-service movers to carry out all your requests. If you are in doubt about whether to hire self-service or full-service movers, we’ll present you with the reasons for both options. When it comes to full-moving services, most people would say that you get what you pay for.


Letting movers take furniture apart at your old home and reassemble it at the new place is very convenient.

And that is – an exceptional moving service for a significant amount of money. Once you choose this moving option, you can forget about the heavy lifting. Professionals will do it efficiently for you. The most common benefits of hiring professional full-service movers are:

  • Disassembling furniture
  • Protecting and wrapping fragile items
  • Wrapping chairs and shelves in plastic
  • Loading and unloading all the items into/from the truck
  • Unpacking the moving boxes and disposing of packing materials

Disassembling furniture

Letting movers take furniture apart at your old home and reassemble it at the new place is very convenient. Full-service movers are well-organized and equipped with all the necessary tools. Too large or too heavy items are likely to get damaged during the transport. This is why you should have them dismantled and protected properly. Items like pianos or king-size beds are very difficult to move, so it is highly recommended to have similar items handled by professionals while moving.

Protecting and handling fragile items

The safety of your belongings is very important. You can expect full-service movers to protect large pieces of furniture. Also, movers can supply packing material like padding, shrink wrap, moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels… Each item that needs special attention will be handled accordingly. Full-service movers also make sure that the mattresses are properly protected from any sort of damage like stains or dirt using mattress bags.

making plans

Do you have time for a DIY move?

Wrapping chairs and shelves in plastic

In case you need additional packing materials, this is another service you can count on. Wrapping the bulky and oversized items is one of the main differences when choosing self-service or full-service movers.

Loading and unloading all the items into/from the truck

Here’s another difference between self-service or full-service movers – your safety. Why bother with heavy inventory and strain your back? With a full-moving service, you can avoid potential moving injuries. Full-service movers can do it all for you professionally. Loading and unloading moving boxes NYC and furniture into and from the moving truck is what they do best. Movers can also handle the reassembling process. They will place each item where it belongs and removing protective material.

Unpacking the moving boxes and disposing of packing materials

Many people have trouble decluttering their homes after the move is over. If you are wondering whether you should hire self-service or full-service movers, here’s another reason for the second option. Professional full-service movers can help you unpack and take care of the remaining packing materials. They will take away all empty boxes and dispose of the used packing materials.

moving boxes

Full-service movers can supply packing material like padding, shrink wrap, moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels…

If you are unsure as to the type of movers you should hire, weigh carefully all the possibilities. Some reliable Bronx moving companies offer both of these moving services. Make sure to decide whether the time and effort you will invest in the DIY move are worth paying some extra money. Having a lot of large, fragile, or delicate items you might be forced to hire full-service professional help. On the other hand, if your items don’t require special treatment opt for self-service movers.

Hiring full-moving service – does it pay off?

If you still haven’t decided whether to hire self-service or full-service movers, we should take another factor into considerations. The cost of the upcoming relocation can be worrisome for many people. Some of the moving costs can be reduced, while others can be avoided. However, the best way to save money on the move is not by handling a DIY move. As good as it might sound, moving everything without professional help can only complicate your moving day. Moreover, it can also bring some additional and unexpected moving costs.

If you decide to hire affordable movers NYC, you will make sure to avoid many moving troubles. Finding packing materials, handling heavy loads, and securing your moving boxes are just some of the things you can let movers do in your stead. Overall, there is a big difference when choosing between self-service or full-service movers. What you should keep in mind is your moving budget, potential help you can get from friends and family, and the time you have to organize your moving day.