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Relocating a hot tub with specialty movers – everything you need to know

a hot tub

Reach out to the specialty movers when relocating a hot tub

Moving home brings all sorts of challenges that you have to overcome in order to successfully complete that big step. Some might get overlooked while living comfortably until the moving day comes and you learn that your favorite things are really difficult to transport to another home. One of those things is a hot-tub. How many hours have you spent in your hot tub just relaxing and doing nothing? Having a private spa where you can unwind after a busy day at work is certainly rewarding.

While purchasing and installing a hot tub was an exciting experience, planning to relocate it to another place is rather stressful. Although you must’ve been hoping that this wouldn’t happen, you are now planning how to move your precious hot tub to another place.
No wonder why so many people decide to leave their hot tub behind when moving given all the hassle involved.

It’s no secret that relocating some items is more expensive than purchasing the new ones at a new location. A hot tub might or might not be among those items, depending on the moving distance. If you are planning an interstate move, shipping a hot tub may cost you a lot. So, weigh your options and try to figure out whether moving a hot tub makes sense in this particular situation.

Relocating this huge, delicate, and oddly-shaped item can give you a really hard time. As it turns out, hot tubs are among those sensitive items that require extra care. If you have decided that your private spa is worth the effort and costs, make sure to hire an exceptional local mover just to ensure your peace of mind. They certainly know the most convenient way to relocate your precious hot tub from point A to point B.

While asking a couple of strong friends to give you a hand seems tempting, no one can guarantee a successful outcome of the move. It’s surely a lot cheaper to move the hot tub yourself, but the question is: do you really want to take that risk?

DIY or hire specialty movers when relocating?

Animated Money Bag with a Dollar Sign on It

Your moving budget will mostly determine whether you can afford specialty movers

As we all know, items like grand and upright pianos, king-size beds, pool tables, gym equipment, hot tubs are better left to the piano moving companies and other professionals. Not only are they more competent to handle your valuable possessions, but also they know how to avoid personal injuries.
In most cases, a household move requires more than boxing up your items and putting them in a van.

There are different sorts of expensive, bulky, or fragile items that need specialty movers’ attention and expertise. Provided that your moving budget allows it, hiring specialty movers with an excellent reputation is the way to go. Whether your items have huge monetary or sentimental value, do not take chances relocating them on your own without proper equipment, knowledge, and experience.

The very first step toward relocating your precious belongings safely is to get moving estimates from different moving companies. This is how you will get a clear idea of whether you can actually afford professional moving services and what your options are. Additional moving services should be also stated in the moving estimate, therefore you will know approximately how much the move will cost you.
People may think that gathering as many strong friends and volunteers as possible is a cost-effective way to move large and oddly-shaped items. But, what they don’t know is that only a skillful approach and proper resources will help you transport your valuable items without damaging them or hurting themselves.

Having performed hundreds of similar moves, specialty movers know how to keep personal injuries and damage at bay. Isn’t it exactly what all of us strive to when moving house? Is there an easy way to move a hot tub?

When trying to figure out which course of action to take in order to move a hot tub you should know that it can be very dangerous. So, make safety your top priority when relocating your private spa to another location. As we all know, hot tubs are famous for being difficult to handle and move, so you may want to take advantage of professional services rather than trying to do it on your own.

Having taken all potential risks into consideration, you’ve finally decided hiring specialty movers is not for you. Well, good luck with that! If, for some reason, this is not an option for you we have compiled a list of necessary steps for this demanding endeavor.

Tips for moving a hot tub without specialty movers

Gather the necessary equipment:

  • two furniture dollies
  • two 4 X 4 pieces of wood
  • appliance dolly
  • straps

Get help

Six 3D Man with Blue and Red Caps Ready to Do Specialty Movers' Job

Get as many volunteers as possible to help you move your hot tub to a new place

Gather at least four strong and reliable friends who are willing to do some heavy lifting. Without enough manpower, you shouldn’t even think about relocating a hot tub on your own. For sure some of your friends will be happy to help with your relocation. We all need a few helping hands when making such a big step such as moving. Don’t forget to reward them for their help. That can be as simple as ordering some food and having a cozy evening in, or something more upscale like a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Whatever you choose to do works well, as long as you reward your friends with something they enjoy.

Read through manuals

Go through the manufacturer’s instructions so as to figure out how your jacuzzi works. That can give you some important information about it and help you avoid potential issues when disassembling and reassembling it.

Remember to drain the hot-tub

Drain the hot tub completely. It’s a good idea to let the water drain directly into the garden. If there are local regulations for draining large amounts of water, make sure you learn them in advance.

Organized packing

Packing Supplies

Packaging supplies with bubble wrap

Find moving supplies and pack all removable parts separately. While disassembling the heater, blower, pumps, plumbing, and electrical units take photos so as to be able to put them back together at the new place. It is a good idea to take pictures or videos while disassembling. That will be a great tool later on when you have many parts and you have to figure out where each one goes.

Check the size of a moving vehicle

Rent a moving truck that is large enough. It needs to have enough space to accommodate the tub. Provided that you’ve measured the dimensions of the jacuzzi, you can rent the right size moving vehicle.

Make a clear pass

Measure the tub as well as your doors and all the spaces where you have to go to take the tub out. You want to avoid damaging your walls or breaking a valuable item on the way out. Set a route inside of your home and make it clear of any obstacles. If possible, place some covers on the floors to protect them in case the tub slips.

Check your pathway

Secure a path to the moving truck and make sure it’s obstacle-free. Check the forecast to know if you should expect bad weather. In case of rain or snow, you will need to clear the path or secure it with some floor covers.


Unplug the hot tub from the electric network and secure power cables.

Mind the carrying

Lift the hot tub carefully with the help of your friends and place it on a piece of wood, which is 2-3 inches off the ground. Slide the furniture dolly underneath the tub base gradually and secure the load with straps. Such a heavy object can easily slip and make potential damage so carry it mindfully and take breaks along the way.

Cover the hot-tub

Load the jacuzzi at the back of the truck and cover it for further protection. It should be properly secured in case a truck gets on a bumpy road.

Set it up

After your jacuzzi is delivered, repeat the same procedure in reverse order. Relocating a hot tub is a serious affair, so make sure to reward your helpers for a job well done. Take a break after a tiresome experience and relax after a busy moving day with your friends. You’ve all deserved it!

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Make the most of your relocation by hiring professional movers

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