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Pros and Cons of Moving House Often

Moving house often has its fair share of draws but plenty of downsides too. A fresh start and new opportunities are definitely something to look forward to. But moving costs and missing friends can cast a shadow on the otherwise enjoyable experience. If you’ve become something of a moving expert due to frequent relocations, you probably know already what to expect from your next move. But if you’re thinking about becoming a frequent home mover, you’ll want to read this guide carefully. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of moving house often.

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Pros of moving house often

Start anew

Moving always lets you change things and it’s always a great opportunity to start anew. Whether you’re moving to a cheaper city or perhaps you’re moving to the country, moving always gives you a chance for a fresh start. Moving house often is, for this reason, good for restless spirits and people that get tired and bored after staying in one place for too long. A new environment often comes as an easy fix once you start feeling stuck and dissatisfied with the current situation.

Get more opportunities

Another draw of moving house often is that you’ll have more opportunities. That relates to jobs, education, entertainment, culture, etc. Because you’ll be living in different places, you’ll have access to the local job market so you may have more chances to further your career. You’ll get to meet more people and you’ll be able to explore each area, giving you so many new experiences. Moving house often is a sure way not to get bored and experience something new all the time.

Try a different lifestyle

When you decide to move house often, you get a chance for a new lifestyle. If you’re someone who likes to try out different styles of living, then this is certainly a huge draw. But it is also a pro if you’re used to one type of lifestyle and you wouldn’t like to change it. Moving still gives you a chance to level up the lifestyle you like and find another place that suits your idea of comfortable living better. Most people tend to lean towards a minimalistic lifestyle when they start moving often. That’s simply because it’s much easier to move house when you’re not overburdened with a huge number of items. Owning only what you truly need makes moving easier and can be extremely beneficial to your finances too.

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Expand your horizons

The last benefit of often relocation is inevitable personal growth. With each move, you get to step out of your comfort zone once again, improving yourself as you go. You’re likely to become more self-dependent because you won’t have a supportive network of close friends and family members. You may find that your confidence grows out of the courage necessary to move to new places and learn local ways. The more you travel and change houses, the closer you are to self-discovery and independence.

Cons of moving house often

We’ve only listed a few but there are plenty of benefits of often home relocation. However, you’ll want to take all the pros with a grain of salt. The reason is that they come with a cost – which can be perfectly fine for some but completely overwhelming for others. Here are some of the cons of moving house often.

Moving costs

The first huge downside to often house move is that it costs money. Regardless of whether you hire professional movers or you opt for do-it-yourself moving, it will surely cost you money. Of course, moving expenses depend on various factors. International moving companies NYC naturally charge more and moving a big household is more expensive than moving a small studio. But the bottom line is that each move will set you back a specific amount of money. To have a successful relocation requires timely planning and organizing. So, the whole process it’s going to take a big chunk of your time. On the bright side, the more you move the better you become at finding shortcuts. There are numerous ways to cut moving costs so you may find ways to stay on the budget and lower moving expenses.

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Missing friends

Perhaps the biggest downside of moving often is that you’ll miss friends and family. Although you’ll get to meet new people, the issue is that you won’t stay long enough to be there for them at all times and be present for important events. You may feel down when your friends are celebrating birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other important life events. Saying goodbye too frequently is hard to go without feeling genuinely sad. This is the reason why you should throw a party before you move. Of course, you’ll stay in touch with close people even after you move. There are plenty of chats and video call options out there so it’s easy to stay connected even after you move. But you may find it especially challenging not to be able to hang out with your friends in person. This is likely to be the hardest part of being a frequent house mover.


Relocation requires money, planning, and time. Of all the moving tasks, packing is the most time-consuming one. There is just no way around it – packing and moving heavy items is often downright boring. But it has to be done and every time you decide to move again, you’ll have to go through the process one more time. Of course, the more experienced you become at moving, the more you learn how to be efficient and avoid the most common packing mistakes. But even with a lot of experience and a minimalistic lifestyle, you probably won’t look forward to this part of moving.


Hopefully, these pros and cons will help you learn more about moving house often. As always, each relocation is easier with a little bit of help from your trusted moving service Brooklyn. Luckily, Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service. Our in-house and online moving quotes are complimentary so make sure you contact Dumbo Movers and request your free estimate today!