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Pros and cons of asking friends to help you move

Moving is not something that you organize quite often. It is usually perceived as an expensive, stressful, and rather chaotic period in one`s life. Luckily, with great organization, relaxation techniques, and useful tips for saving money on a relocation all of these problems can be avoided, or at least their effect minimized. People who opt for Do-It-Yourself moving also decide to ask their friends to help them move. Some of them regret their decision. If you are planning to do the same, we highly recommend that you read this article first about the pros and cons of asking friends to help you move.


Pros of asking friends to help you move

Undoubtedly, there are many pros to asking friends to help you move. You have known your friends for years and you know what you can expect from them.

Flexible schedules

When you ask your friends to help you move, there are great chances that they will be free the next weekend, or during the week. They can come by your house after work, and stay as long as it takes. This is one of the greatest benefits of your friends helping you, as they don`t have other relocations to attend to like a professional moving company would have to.

Asking friends to help you move will help you save money on relocation

One of the best benefits of asking your friends to help you out with the relocation is that they do not charge by the hour. If you were to relocate on your own, it would take decades to finish everything. And if you hire movers, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on international relocation, for example. Your friends, on the other hand, will be happy with lunch, or snacks and a cold beverage here and there.


A Save Money Concept

Your friends can look after your kids and pets

Relocation is a stressful period in the lives of kids and pets. Especially when they see unfamiliar people taking away items from the house that suddenly seems so empty. Having a babysitter for your pets and kids is the wisest thing you can do for them. However, if you don`t have a regular babysitter, you could simply ask your friends to take care of them in the park or at their own house. This won`t be stressful for your kids and pets, you won`t have to pay the extra money, and you will be relaxed knowing your loved ones are safe.

You can organize your relocation as you see fit

When you have friends watching your back, it is easy to organize a relocation as you see fit. You will have all the freedom to organize packing, transportation, and unpacking. There will be no reason to adjust to movers, or make compromises. You can plan out the agenda that fits your schedule, but you can also plan the relocation route and make a stop wherever you want. Your friends are a crucial part of this freedom, as they can make it happen.

Cons of asking your friends to help you move

Asking your friends to help you move has a few drawbacks as well. The key is to know what to expect and to make the right decision based on that.

Your friends are not professional movers

Yes, your friends can help you move at any time you need them, but the process may last much longer than you would expect. A professional moving company can pack up to 100 moving boxes per day. This is because they have plenty of experience, skills, and the best moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. Also, the risk of professionals making the most common packing mistakes is minimum. Your friends, on the other hand, have goodwill, and plenty of time at their disposal. When you ask your friends to help you move, be prepared for the packing and moving to take much longer than with professional movers, for example.


Professional Movers At Work

The risk of damage is higher

Hiring professional movers is convenient because they will help you avoid property damage when moving out. They know how to properly pack, lift, and handle fragile, or heavy items. Your friends, on the other hand, often do not have plenty of relocation experience. This increases the risk of damage to your items. If you plan to relocate plenty of fragile and expensive items, always be aware of how much relocation experience your friends have before asking them to help you move.

And the risk of moving injuries, as well

Moving injuries happen even to the movers themselves, sometimes, let alone untrained people. This risk is real during the moving day and the days before it. When you ask your friends to help you move heavy items, items of irregular shape, or simply bulky items, there is always a possibility of injury. This is one of the biggest cons of asking your friends to help you move because if something happens you would feel responsible. Professionals will help you avoid injuries when moving┬áso it’s definitely worth considering.


A Man Suffered From A Shoulder Injury While Moving

There is no insurance coverage

When hiring movers, they offer you several options for moving insurance. You can choose the option you prefer, based on how many items you relocate and what is their current marketplace value. With friends, there is no such option. If something breaks due to poor packaging or improper handling, it will be hard to get any compensation for it. And it is not just the material value that counts, there is the sentimental value as well. If a friend broke your late grandma`s fine china by accident, neither you nor your friend would be happy about it.

When it is best to hire professional movers?

There are pros and cons of friends helping you relocate. However, in some instances, it is better to hire professionals immediately. Every move is different, and every move requires a unique approach. If you are moving locally, near your current apartment, and don`t have plenty of items to relocate, hiring a local mover or asking your friends to help you move is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are moving to a two-story house with your family and kids across the state, then professional long distance movers NYC should be your first option. Good luck!