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Please follow 4 easy steps below to make the online payment


click on the payment link that – you should see a BLUE UNDERLINED SENTENCE that says $ (amount) by clicking HERE like it is shown on the exhibit


fill out the info: – card billing info including the address, name, number and email of the cardholder (this must match the info the financial institution has) – moving person info including the address, number and email of the person being relocated (if that is same as the cardholders info, simply mark “Same As billing” – card info including the exp date and the security code


read the terms & conditions then click on I AGREE – click on I AM NOT A ROBOT below – the REQUIRED FIELD METER should indicate 100%, click on PROCESS PAYMENT


you will get the receipt if the charge is successful – should look like this indicating TRANSACTION STATUS – APPROVED (note, any other result on the screen is NOT A RECEIPT – you have to contact your financial institution to get the transaction cleared)

NOTE: You can proceed to the payment page without the payment link sent to you via email but you will have to fill out the transactions details yourself: – Job Reference Number: please put 7 digits only which can found in your email on each correspondence – Amount: Balance Due