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How to Pack Oddly Shaped Items for Moving

When you begin with the preparations for the relocation, you will learn a lot about packing different items. Some items are fairly easy to pack such as clothes, or books. This is because their shape allows it. They will fit into the box perfectly, and you won’t have to think a lot about it. On the other hand, there are items such as lamps, chairs, figurines, and tools for which you will have to get creative in order to pack them neatly. Your only goal here is to pack and ship them so that they do not get damaged during transit. Let us see how can you pack oddly shaped items easily.

Prepare the packing materials right away

Packing Supplies

Packaging supplies with bubble wrap on a black background

When packing your items, it is really important to be well-organized. Pack similar items like glassware, books, clothes, etc. separately. You can do the same with packing oddly shaped items. Spend the afternoon packing only these items, and once you finish you will be really satisfied with the work done. Of course, in order for this to be done, you need the right packing materials. Head over to the improvement store, or DIY store and obtain the following items:

  • Moving boxes – Use small and medium moving boxes for heavier items, and only use large boxes for the lighter ones.
  • Bubble wrapFragile items are best protected with plenty of bubble wrap, so take the entire roll of it.
  • Packing paper – Great for filling out the empty space in the box, as well as for the protection of your items. Note that you can use old newspapers for this occasion, but you should never apply it directly to the item. In this way, you will avoid any ink stains.
  • Duct tape – Sealing the moving boxes is best done with duct tape, so make sure you have enough of it.
  • Moving blankets – Sometimes you won’t be able to use the moving box if the items are too large. In this case, you should use all the advantages of moving blankets for protecting your items.
  • Permanent marker – A high-quality waterproof permanent marker is always the best idea when packing oddly shaped items for moving.

Measure the items first

Measure Oddly Shaped Items Before You Start Packing

Especially the larger ones. In order to pick the right size moving boxes types, you need to measure all sides of the product. If the size surpasses the size of a regular moving box, do not worry. You can make custom size moving boxes on your own, or you can simply order them from professional moving companies. The most important thing is not to try to ship a larger item into a small moving box, in order not to crush it during relocation.

Disassemble furniture and bulkier items

Disassemble Oddly-Shaped furniture Properly

The key to successfully packing oddly shaped items is to disassemble them if possible. Furniture, floor lamps, sculptures, and other similar items can be disassembled so they can fit inside the moving boxes. We highly suggest that you call someone to help you disassemble furniture properly. Invite some of your friends, or hire reliable movers to assist you. When disassembling items be careful not to lose any screws and bolts. Use plastic bags with zip locks to store all the pieces inside them. Label these plastic bags properly, and keep them all together in a single box, or a larger bag.

Protect your oddly shaped items before packing them

Now that you have all the right packing equipment, right-sized moving boxes, and disassembled items, you can start packing them. Use the packing paper to roll the items in it. Two or three sheets of packing paper will be enough for this purpose. Next, move on to wrapping them in bubble wrap if the items are fragile. Bubble wrap will decrease the risk of vibrations damaging the items during the relocation. Use the tape to ensure that the bubble wrap does not come off the item.

Prepare the moving box

Use Packing Paper When You Pack Oddly Shaped Items

Packing items inside the moving boxes should be done with extra care. Take several sheets of packing paper, or old newspaper. Crumple them and fill the bottom of the box with it. Make sure to cover the entire bottom space of the box. Place the items slowly inside the moving box. Never fill the box to the very top. Leave enough space that you can cover the top of the box with crumpled paper as well. Depending on the size and shape of the items, you may end up with a lot of empty space inside the box. Make sure to prevent this by placing as many of the paper sheets as necessary. Tape the moving box so that the contents cannot fall out.

Do a test to see if the box is packed properly

Rattle your moving box and listen for any moving sounds. If you notice that the items are shifting inside the box, you need to place more crumpled paper. Only when the item is steady inside you can relax and move on to packing another moving box.

Label the moving box

Labeling Fragile Items

Don’t forget to label the moving box as soon as you finish packing. It is quite easy to forget what you packed in each box unless you do it immediately after packing the items. Write fragile or handle with care, on at least three sides of the box. Also, write the contents on one side of the moving box.

Remember that you can always count on professionals to help you

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to pack all the oddly shaped items properly. If you are in a hurry, don’t risk item damage when you can call the professional moving company to help you. They are experienced, and years of practice can make it seem as if packing the oddly shaped items is the easiest thing in the world. And just remember, soon you will be enjoying yourself in your new dream home without any worry. Good luck!