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Moving Short Distance – Tips and Tricks

a man moving short distance standing on the map

Moving short distance can get much easier with the right mindset

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, moving short-distance may pose lots of difficulties and challenges. Although your family’s routine won’t be radically altered by the local move, make sure to have a fool-proof plan in place. While the entire move a couple of blocks away may seem like a straightforward process, there are certain steps that apply both to local and long-distance moves.

As it turns out, people moving short-distance sometimes underestimate the time, costs, and efforts required. As a result, it can be tempting to cut moving costs by performing a self-move. But, no two short-distance moves are the same and their complexity may vary due to other factors. How you will go about the upcoming move depends on:

  • the amount and nature of your belongings
  • (lack of) movers’ assistance
  • time you have left prior to moving day

As we all know, household moves are famous for being anything but cheap. No wonder why everyone’s looking for some affordable solutions when facing an imminent residential or office relocation. According to some people, a DIY approach is a proven budget-friendly technique that can save a lot of money in the long run. But, the truth is that there’s no one general rule that applies to everyone. Your personal situation and a special set of circumstances will largely determine how you’re going to approach the moving project.

Basic preparation steps for a short-distance move

shopping cart with cardboard boxes in it

Free moving boxes are a budget-friendly solution when moving short distance

Although moving short-distance allows some amazing benefits that would never be possible during international moves, there are some common steps applicable to each of them.

Start early

Whether you are moving within the same city or to another state, there are some universal packing strategies to take into account. An early start is always a favorable factor that may ensure a seamless moving experience. People usually assume that local moves are more affordable and less demanding than long-distance ones. As a result, they may take all the responsibilities for granted. But, sooner or later they come to realize that procrastinating and waiting until the last minute is a bad idea. So, get to work as soon as your move becomes imminent.


Relocation is always a good time to go through your household and get rid of clutter. Go through one room at a time and separate all of the items you no longer use. By decluttering your house, you’ll have less to pack and move, plus, you’ll only have things you actually use in your new home.

Create a to-do list

Even when moving just around the corner, you’ll still have many tasks to take care of. For instance, you’ll have to cancel all utilities like cable and internet, forward mail through USPS, change address in your ID, credit cards, insurance, etc. These are only a few moving-related tasks, so making a to-do list will help you stay on track and not forget anything important.

Get free moving boxes

First off, take inventory of your belongings so you could figure out the amount of packing supplies you’re going to need. Download a free inventory app for your phone or tablet – they’re often fun and easy to use. Since gathering resources for the big day happens to be at the top of many moving checklists, you may think of some ways to get free moving boxes. With a bit of resourcefulness and good time management, you can have different types of moving boxes free of charge. For that purpose do not hesitate to contact local bookstores, liquor stores, restaurants, bars, grocery stores to arrange the pick-up time. In addition to that, ask your friends who have moved recently to hand out packing supplies in good shape. You can also take advantage of online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or visit the Craigslist website to find ads from people who want to get rid of their moving boxes for free.

Perform a DIY move

Another huge concern associated with moving short-distance is whether to hire movers or to proceed with a do-it-yourself move. Without a doubt, when moving to another state, a reliable mover is probably the first person you will turn to. But, in this specific case, committing to a self-move may seem like a viable option due to numerous advantages. First of all, you may not need to rent a moving truck if you or your friend have a car – just make a few trips and move home little by little. Next, you don’t have to worry too much about the way you pack because things will be in transit only briefly.

Pack an essentials bag

Having necessities on you is always a good idea when moving especially if you’re moving in a rush. You may be too busy with other obligations or just too tired when you reach a new home to go through all the boxes to find a needed item. To make sure you’re prepared for the first night at your new address, go ahead and pack an essentials bag. It should contain some basic toiletries, fresh bedding and some change of clothes, medicines, and other personal items you use on daily basis. Having some cash on hand is also a must, just in case.

Leave clothes on hangers

When you think about packing, it’s probably the most time-consuming task in the moving process. One way to save time and move your clothes with ease is to leave them on hangers. Just cover them with garbage bags and put them in your new closet straight away.

Benefits of moving short distance

Moving short-distance means operating within familiar territory. As a result, there won’t be major unpleasant surprises down the road. Thorough preparation may keep you going through the process smoothly. Just make sure to take advantage of the benefits short-distance moves have to offer.

Your two homes are close

girl with her arms wide open

Moving house is all about multitasking

Moving to a nearby neighborhood allows you constant access to your new home. The good news is that you can take multiple trips to your new place to prepare it for a move-in day. If there are repair works taking place, you can supervise them regularly without major troubles. Also, instead of renting a large moving truck, you can squeeze your belongings into a smaller vehicle and transport them during those visits.

As you can complete a great deal of moving tasks in advance (cleaning, measuring, sprucing up your new place), moving day itself won’t cause much trouble for you and your family. Provided that you have some previous moving experience, you will be familiar with some tricks for a successful move.

Your family’s routine won’t change completely

It’s no secret that moving to a new home poses great changes and challenges. But, on the bright side, if a new home is located a couple of blocks away from the old one, your family won’t go through a difficult adjustment process. You’ll be seeing your friends just like before and going to your favorite places, bars, and restaurants. Sticking to your habits and regular routine as much as possible may reduce the negative effects of the move in the long run. Luckily, your new surroundings will be quite similar to your previous neighborhood so you won’t have to deal with culture shock. What’s more, you can make new acquaintances while staying in touch with your loved ones who happen to be within driving distance.

Friends will be available to help you out

friends putting their friends together

A teamwork can go a long way towards achieving success during your move

Without a doubt, your friends will be willing to assist you with your household move. They won’t mind spending some good time with you and grabbing a pizza afterward. Ask your friends to step in whenever you need an extra pair of hands. If you gather some good friends of yours, the entire experience may turn into a fun adventure. Although you’ll be seeing your friends after the move, it’s a unique opportunity to create some new memories.

Your good friends will be at your disposal at every stage of the move. An efficient team of volunteers may be able to take the hassle out of your move as well. Just make sure to thank them with super tasty food and a cold beer once packing, hauling, and unpacking are over. Also, plan for your next get-together, a housewarming party that will take place as soon as you unpack and settle into a new home.

As mentioned before, performing a DIY move can be a great way to save money when moving short-distance, but it may not always be possible. In case you need to hire a professional mover to help you out, go ahead and choose licensed Brooklyn movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage. We’re at your service and we’ll be happy to provide a free moving quote for your short-distance move. Let’s get in touch!