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Moving from NYC to Norwalk – The Complete Guide

Are you tired from harsh NYC winters and are looking for a place with a milder climate? Well, Norwalk, CA is the right city for you. With slightly over 100,000 residents this city has a small-town vibe and you will love every second of living here. We have created this ultimate guide for moving from NYC to Norwalk as we want to make relocation easier for you. The key to every successful relocation is, of course, organization. So, start organizing a long-distance relocation on time, and you will face no trouble. With the help of professional movers, of course.

Moving From NYC To Norwalk California

Harsh NYC winters can be a good reason for moving to sunny Norwalk

Climate of Norwalk

If you are not a fan of snow Norwalk is the right place to move to. The lowest temperatures are in January when they reach 42 degrees. The warmest temperatures are in July, with an average temperature of 73. You will be glad to learn that there are as many as 281 sunny days in Norwalk, which means that you can enjoy the outside as much as you want it to. The only downside to living in Norwalk, and entire California is the possibility of an earthquake. However, this cannot ruin your relocation from NYC to Norwalk for a second.

Norwalk in numbers

When moving to a new city, you must find out about the living costs, median household income, and similar. The living costs in Norwalk are about 7% higher than the nation`s average. The unemployment rate is 9,8%. It is a bit higher than the nation`s average, so this is something to think about when moving from NYC to Norwalk. We highly recommend finding a job before the relocation takes place.

The median household income is $56,805. The median home value is $270,000. If you are looking to rent an apartment, on the other hand, you should know that the price for a one-bedroom apartment starts at $1000. Of course, the location and size can greatly impact the final price of the apartment.

Moving from NYC to Norwalk does not have to be stressful

The distance between Norwalk and NYC is 4, 493 km. While the distance is huge, nothing is impossible. Always remember that it is possible to move without stress. With the help of our useful tips, you can learn how to deal with the most stressful moving tasks and situations. Here are the steps to a successful relocation from NYC to Norwalk.

Santa Monica Beach

Enjoy the vicinity of the famous Santa Monica beach

Start on time

It takes between 12 and 16 weeks to orchestrate an interstate relocation. During this time, you will have to do various tasks that include changing your address, purchasing plane tickets, packing, organizing a farewell party, etc. Since you don`t want to feel lost and wonder whether there is something else you need to accomplish, creating a week-by-week moving to-do list is the best thing you can do when moving from NYC to Norwalk. Tick off the tasks you have completed, and watch how your motivation gets bigger, while your stress levels go down.

Save money

Relocation does not have to be costly, but the more money you have, the calmer you will be. As soon as you learn about the relocation date, start saving money. If you wonder how to do that, please read our money-saving tips for moving. You will need money for a professional moving company, tickets, rent or mortgage, unexpected events, and similar. Unexpected things can happen during your relocation. Perhaps your new home will not be ready on time, so you have to store your items and live out of a suitcase for days. Having enough money for a hotel is the best thing that can happen to you at that point.

Long Beach Pier Los Angeles

Long Beach is located just 15 miles outside Norwalk

Cancel all the subscriptions

Cancel all of your memberships (such as gym membership) and all of your subscriptions to magazines and newsletters. Don`t forget to change your address at the post office and in your documents. It is also important to cancel your utilities and turn them on at your new place. It is quite common to forget some of these things, and they just give you a headache later on.

Make a farewell party

If you are busy and don`t have the time for a farewell party, just remember that you are moving now and you won`t be able to see your loved ones for a while. It does not have to be expensive or take too much of your time. Just order pizza, or head over to your favorite bar with your best friends and dearest family members. Evoke memories, and make a deal on how you will see your people in the future. This farewell party will help you deal with relocation stress, as everyone you love will be there. If you are moving on short notice, don`t worry, you can still make a party. Throw a packing party instead, where your friends will help you pack all of your items. Of course, you will provide snacks, music, even games, and a great mood.

Balloons in different colors

Throw a farewell party and have fun with your friends

Choose a reliable moving company

If you do this one right, your moving from NYC to Norwalk will be like a walk in the park. Reliable NYC movers are all that you need for a successful relocation. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right ones:

  • Recommendations – Do you have a friend or an acquaintance who has recently moved? Ask them about their moving experience and the moving company. Perhaps you can even get a discount if you end up using the same moving company.
  • Internet – Google is your friend when researching moving and storage companies. Choose at least 5 different moving companies that offer all the services that you need and then compare them.
  • Reviews – Moving companies reviews in NYC are a great way to find out about the moving company. There is a change that some of the moving reviews will be fake, however, they are quite easy to spot and ignore.

Price – Price should not be the only thing you look for when hiring a moving company. If the price is too good to be true then it probably is. This can be an alarm to identify rogue movers. Rogue movers will simply take the deposit and disappear with your belongings if you are not careful.