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Moving Labor vs Traditional Movers?

The world is becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day. People have been moving now more than ever before. The moving process has been made much easier by a wide variety of transportation options, more job opportunities, more money in your wallet, etc. This is why it comes as no surprise that you have several options to choose from when hiring movers. We will help you determine which one is the best solution for you, moving labor or traditional movers. There is no right answer here, as the only thing that matters is that the movers fit your needs.

Moving Labor vs Traditional Movers Services

Let us begin by comparing the service that moving labor and traditional movers offer.

Traditional movers

When it comes to traditional movers, you can choose any of the following services:


Traditional Movers Offer Packing Services

Traditional movers will pack your items, and bring their own packing material as well. You will not have to worry about packing a single fragile piece of china.


What goes around comes around, and so the traditional movers will offer to unpack the items as well.

Loading and unloading items into the moving truck

Avoid the heavy lifting by having someone skilled assist you with it and avoid moving injuries.

Transporting your items inside the moving truck

Traditional movers will assess what size of the moving truck you need and will provide you with one, as well as deliver your items safely to your new home.

Storing services

Traditional Movers Can Keep Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

If you need to store your items in a safe place for a couple of weeks, months, or simply days, traditional movers can make this happen for you and keep your belongings safe in their storage units NYC. When your new house is ready, they will simply deliver your belongings to you.

Moving labor

On the other hand, moving labor is useful when you are preparing for a DIY move. If you do not want to handle heavy furniture and load the items in a moving truck, they should be your choice number one. In this case, you would be the one conducting the whole moving experience, whereas moving labor would help you when you need physical help. Basically, they would pack, and load the items, whereas you would transport them to the final destination.

The level of service

Moving labor is an excellent choice if you want someone just to help you with heavy furniture, for example. Most of the time, if you have enough time on your hands, you can pack, lift, and load the items that do not weigh much. But, if you want to avoid any accidents, you can call the moving labor to help you with just a few items. This is not possible when you hire traditional movers, and it is certainly something to think about when choosing the right movers.


Coins in a Jar

Full-service movers are the most convenient option to choose when money is no issue. If you want to move your entire house in just a few days without ever lifting a finger, that is possible with them. However, these services usually cost up to several thousand dollars, and that is why people want to hire moving labor. At the final price that is 40 – 60 % cheaper, moving labor will help you with the heavy stuff. In this way, you would be in charge of the move, but you would avoid moving injuries completely.


If you have ever been moved by a traditional moving company, you know that the contract can be long and complex. This is true, as the contract must contain absolutely everything that you have agreed with your movers. Often, you need to read the contract several times and have it checked by a lawyer to see whether there is something not right. On the other hand, a contract with the moving labor is much less complex, as you pay the moving labor by the hour, and that is pretty much it.

A moving container vs the moving truck

Dumbo Moving Truck

As we already mentioned, with the moving labor you do not get the moving truck, instead, you choose one on your own. However, you do not have to choose a moving truck with moving labor at all. You can choose a moving container, portable storage container, or a moving trailer. Moving labor has experience with all these types of transportation, and to be honest they can be a lot less expensive than renting a moving truck. With traditional movers, you do not have to rent anything, as they will provide you with everything that you need, of course.

Control over the move

If you want to have full control over the move, then a DIY option with moving labor may be the best choice for you. Traditional movers will make arrangements with you and proceed to perform all the agreed tasks. You can oversee them, of course, but they will be in charge. This is really useful if you have the finances, and you do not have enough time to deal with the move. Hiring traditional movers is then the possible option. With moving labor, you will be in charge of everything and basically do everything on your own, but when you have issues with heavy items, you can call them for help.


Moving Insurance

While your entire move would be covered with insurance when using full-service movers, moving labor will only provide insurance for loading and packing. If an item gets damaged while handled by the moving labor, you will be compensated 0.60 pounds per pound. Traditional movers also offer the option for paying you 0.60 pounds per pound, but they also offer something called full value protection. In this case, they would reimburse you for the current market value of the item in question.

We have seen the main differences and similarities between moving labor and traditional movers. We hope that you will be able to make a decision much easier now. The most important thing is that the movers fit your moving needs, and nothing else really matters after that. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!