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Moving from NYC to Houston

Moving to Houston is an adventure of a lifetime. It is a fantastic city where you will find all you need regarding entertainment, education, employment opportunities, outdoor activities, etc. You name it, Houston has it. While the Big Apple never sleeps and is the center of the world, Houston is a perfect place to live for young entrepreneurs and families, and people who want to resign. This is why we have created this helpful guide on moving from NYC to Houston, as we want you to relocate without any stress.


Life in Houston is cheaper than in NYC

After moving from NYC to Houston, the first thing you will notice is how low the prices are. Life expenses are cheaper in Houston than in NYC, which is genuinely one of the most significant benefits of moving to Houston. Groceries, gas, and utilities are less expensive here. Also, the housing market is much more affordable in Houston. This implies that you will be able to save more money and afford the large house you always wanted. Even if you don`t want to buy a house immediately, renting is significantly cheaper than living in NYC.


Another thing you will have no problems adjusting to when moving from NYC to Houston is milder winters. While summers are even hotter than in NYC, with higher humidity levels, winters are much calmer here. If you don’t like harsh winters, relocating to a warmer climate will do you good. You can freely put off warm sweaters and heavy coats, as temperatures rarely fall beyond 40 degrees. There are no harsh winds, which makes this season more enjoyable than ever.


If you want to move to Houston for higher education or looking for a good school for your kids, you are at the right place. With one of the largest nation`s school districts, the Houston Independent School District offers top-notch education for your kids. There are also over 300 private schools and over 100 magnet schools here. The University of Houston and Rice Universities are some of the best universities you can enroll in.


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NYC is reportedly safer than Houston. However, you should not be alarmed. When moving to Houston, the most important thing is to choose the best neighborhood. Especially if you are moving with children, you should choose a safe area where there are already plenty of families living. If possible, spend at least a night or two in the neighborhood you plan to move to. This will give you the proper perspective as you will be able to check for any noises at night and the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Moving from NYC to Houston – a helpful guide

When you move from NYC to Houston, we recommend that you start exploring the city right away. Theaters, operas, museums, and parks are plentiful, and restaurants serve the tastiest food you`ve ever tried.

Create a moving checklist

Having the ultimate moving checklist will help you decrease your stress levels and avoid feeling chaotic. When moving, there are many things that you need to do, from packing to paperwork. Write down everything you need to accomplish, and always keep one copy of the moving checklist. You can put the other copy on the fridge, for example, to decide what you should do while making your morning coffee. Moving from NYC to Houston requires excellent organization, and a moving checklist is a perfect way to achieve this.


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While medium house prices are lower in Houston than in NYC, and you will probably upsize rather than downsize, decluttering is necessary. If you’re wondering how to declutter before the move, you shouldn’t be worried because it’s a relatively easy process. Go through all the items you own, and decide whether you will relocate them, throw them away, sell them, or donate them. Relocate only the things that are functional, high-quality, and useful. After all, you will be paying for those items to be relocated, so you might as well use them. You should either throw the rest of the items away or find a new owner for the rest of the items. You can sell most of your items online, but other things like plants or family heirlooms might be better off if you give them to your friends or family members.

Save money

Living in Houston will enable you to save much more money than living in pricey NYC. However, relocations can be costly, as you must always count on unpredictable events. You need to make sure you have enough money if you don`t find a job immediately, or your car breaks down, even if your house is not ready to move in, although you already left your old home. The list of things that can go wrong is long, and this is why it is essential to start saving money for your relocation as soon as possible.

Hire professional movers

Moving from NYC to Houston is not an easy task. Packing, transportation, storage, unpacking, and many other services offered by movers can make your moving experience into a fairytale instead of a nightmare. If you don`t have the time to organize every detail of your relocation, you can always hire professional long distance movers NYC. If you wonder why to hire a professional mover, there are plenty of reasons to do so. NYC to Texas movers will provide free moving quotes, so you can compare several moving companies NYC before choosing the one you believe is the best. Our advice is to choose a moving company that has been in business for several years and with plenty of moving experience.


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Don`t forget to update your new address

Moving from NYC to Houston means that you will need to change your address in your documents and the bank and post office. You will also need to unsubscribe from any newsletters and magazines you have been receiving. Cancel your gym membership and any other memberships as well. Don`t forget to turn off the utilities in your NYC apartment and arrange for the utilities to be turned on before you arrive in Houston.