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Should You Move To New York City?

Are you ready to take the leap? Or you’re still thinking about whether it’s the right thing to do? Should you move to New York City? Come along as we point out some of the important facts you should know before moving to the city.

1. “Center of the Universe”

Let’s start with the most obvious fact – NYC is known by many names, including a not-so-humble nickname “Center of the Universe”. That gives you quite an idea about just how amazing it is to live here. So one of the reasons why so many people move to NYC is that it’s truly a city that never sleeps. Big apple is an explorer’s dream, and very much so outside of Manhattan only. While it does, of course, offer endless tourist attractions, there’s so much more to it. You’re never far away from some sort of event, whether you’re into nightlife, shopping, dining, exercising, art, or anything else.


An aerial view of New York in daylight.


The city earned its reputation as a cultural capital and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a city that gives you more options for networking and socializing. This true melting pot gives you so many possibilities and so many different things to do that you may find yourself in constant fear of missing out.

2. Diversity

Another thing that makes NYC great could also help you figure out if you should move here and that’s diversity. It’s worth mentioning how the diverse nature of the city lets you find your favorite vibe and explore various neighborhoods. Between the five NYC boroughs, you’ll find plenty of different neighborhoods so you’ll most definitely be able to find one that suits your lifestyle. There are family-friendly neighborhoods, quiet and walkable, hip and vibrant, upscale and pricey – there are just so many options that mentioning them requires a whole new video.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC - Night Scenery

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Now let’s go back to all the things you should know before you decide whether to move to New York City or not. Speaking of neighborhoods, once you start exploring them you’ll learn just how unique this city is. Unlike any other, it challenges your expectations of what the city is but you must give it time and start exploring if you want to discover its greatness.

3. (Not) easy to fall in love with

So, another thing to know before you decide if you should move to New York City is that you may or may not need a lot of time to fall in love with it. If that love isn’t at the first sight, that’s totally fine. But just keep in mind that it will happen eventually and that moment is unique and different for anyone. It may hit you on New Year’s Eve while walking the snowy streets or just on a random day in Central Park while having a picnic. Or hey it may even hit you on a ferry while watching that Manhattan skyline from across the river. The thing is that you never know when you’ll fall in love with New York City, so give it time before calling it quits.

4. The cost of living

The next thing to look into when you’re thinking about moving to New York City has to do with the cost of living. There’s no way around it – life in Big Apple is just expensive. What an understatement! If you want to live in the city you have to be ready to spend a big chunk of your salary on rent. The percent usually gets higher as you get closer to Midtown but it depends on your budget, what kind of place you manage to find, and if you’re willing to have a roommate.

Of course, you can always skip Manhattan and find more affordable neighborhoods but even then you may be surprised by hefty price tags. So, when moving to New York City, you’re definitely paying for living in the city and not for the space whatsoever. While this is certainly one of the cons of living here, many people find that it’s worth it – after all, you’re paying for a place in the greatest city in the world so consider your priorities when thinking about the cost of living.


Calculating Costs

When it comes to housing, most households are rent-burdened, and buying a home is out of reach for most residents. This is one of the most important things to consider before moving just in case you’re dreaming about your own home with a backyard. To give you a better idea about just how expensive it is to be a homeowner, let’s take a quick look at how much buying a home will set you back. The median home price in New York City is $654,300 compared to the national average of $291,700. Ouch!

Hire professionals for your move to NYC

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green Dumbo moving and storage truck

5. Walking

The next thing you should be prepared for when thinking about moving to New York City is walking. Know that you’ll do plenty of walking and make sure to invest in good walking shoes. If you’re into high heels, you’ll quickly learn that you need to carry another comfy pair in your bag at all times. For most New Yorkers, it’s just normal to walk a couple of miles or even more on daily basis and it will quickly become a part of your daily routine as well.


6. A city of opportunity

If your main reason for moving is a job search, you’re likely to feel good about your decision to move to New York. As Big Apple is seen as a city of opportunity, many people chose to build their careers right here. As the saying goes “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere” – it may sound corny but it is indeed true. Career-wise, you’ll find the biggest names in marketing, journalism, tech, sports, or any other industry, and New York City is home to dozens of Fortune 500 Companies. Job opportunities in the city are really hard to beat so moving here might be just what you should do.


A direction panel showing a dream job that can add up to a moving budget

However, keep in mind that competition is fierce so you may end up becoming a workaholic while living in NYC and whatever you plan to do, secure a job before moving.
So we’ve listed several things that could help you understand the life in Big Apple better and decide if you should move to New York City. But, there are so many more amazing and not so amazing things about this incredible city. Consider them all before making a final decision and figuring out if you’re ready to take the leap.