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Money-Saving Tips for Moving

Many people dread moving because they believe it will be too expensive. And if not done right, they just might be right. Luckily, we have created this useful guide on how to save money on your relocation. The trick is, of course, in careful planning, perfect organization, and always being one step ahead when it comes to paying. There are ways in which you can save money, even earn some money, and make it to your dream house without your wallet suffering too much. So, let’s see the most important money-saving tips for moving.

Money-Saving Tips for Moving

Pick the right date for moving

If you have an option to choose the time of the year and the date of your move, you can prosper. Namely, you can save up to 30% of money by scheduling a move in the off-season. Here is what this implies:

A move in the offseason

The busiest months for a moving company are between spring and fall. If possible, move during winter or in late fall. This will decrease the price of your move, as the moving company does not have that much work and will lower the prices.

A move during the weekdays

Especially Monday to Wednesday. Weekends are the days when most people choose to move and that rises the price of the relocation. If possible, take some days off of your work, and move during the weekdays. It will save you a significant amount of money.

A move in the middle of the month

If you choose to move at the very beginning of the month, or at the very end of it, it will cost you more. Once again, if possible, choose the middle of the month, when the moving company is ready to lower the prices in order to gain profit.

Declutter your home before moving in order to save money

The final cost of a move can be calculated in two ways. The first one is usually related to a local move and the local mover will charge you based on the number of hours the movers spent relocating you. The other option, usually present when you are moving internationally, is that they calculate the total weight of your items and charge you based on that. Whichever option you choose, it is vital to have as little things as possible in order to save money. Get rid of the following items in order to decrease the final cost of your relocation:

Duplicate items

Do you own two toasters, hairdryers, speakers, etc.? Pick the item that is newer and in better condition and get rid of the other one.

Items you haven`t used in years

Ask yourself when was the last time you used a certain item? If you haven`t worn some of your clothes in months, even years, resist the urge to take them with you. Get rid of those items and never look back.

Large furniture and appliances

How much would it cost to relocate the item and how much does it cost to buy a new item? These are two really important questions, that will help you decide whether to relocate bulky items. If the relocation of the item would cost more than the item itself, you can simply purchase a new item once you move in.

Organize a Garage Sale before the Move

After you have made a decision about which items you no longer need, you can decide what to do with them. You can donate them to charity and give them to your friends and family members. Or, you can organize a successful pre-move garage sale and sell them all. Of course, if a yard sale is not your thing, you can always sell everything on the Internet. Someone will come to pick the items up, you will get your money, and earn a few bucks for your upcoming move.

Do not buy all the packing supplies

One of the Most Important Money-Saving Tips for Moving is Gathering Packing Supplies

Moving supplies can be really expensive. Luckily, you can find a replacement for pretty much everything you need or get the items for free.

  • For example, you do not have to buy moving boxes. You can go to your nearest grocery store and take a couple of boxes from there. And you can always ask your relatives to borrow some to you. But you should not buy or obtain moving boxes before you have used all of the suitcases, and bags that you already own.
  • Bubble wrap is another piece of packing supply that you will definitely need during the relocation. You can use towels as a perfect padding for your fragile items. Newspapers come in really handy as well in this situation.
  • Moving blankets can easily become the old blankets that you can use to cover up large items that do not fit inside the boxes.
    There is no end to how creative you can get with packing supplies. As long as you have a high-quality replacement you do not have to buy new things.

Pack on your own – or invite friends to help you

Pack Your Own Belongings

Do as many things you can related to your relocation before the moving company comes. Pack whatever you can, and feel free to invite your friends to help you. If you have a couple of friends that are ready to help you for the day or a few days, that is great news as this will save you a lot of money. If they can`t help you with the packing, they can at least take care of your children and pets.

Compare moving companies

Hiring a moving company does not always have to be a costly solution that you should avoid. Most of the time a great moving company saves you money when compared to an amateur DIY relocation. They know exactly what to do, the risk of damage is low, and you have insurance. So, before you hire a moving company, make sure that you compare NYC moving companies reviews, at least 3 moving companies, and moving estimates. This will ensure that you receive the best possible service at an affordable price. Good luck!