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Local vs Long Distance Moving: What’s the Difference?

Having a successful relocation always requires some planning and organizing. It also requires a bit of help from your friends or professional movers NYC. When you’re moving locally, you can often DIY and complete everything in a few days. If you hire professional packers, then moving into your new home can be accomplished even faster than that. But moving down the street and moving to another country is quite different. Preparing for a long-distance move requires a few different strategies. You have to think about the way you pack and the amount of money you’re willing to spend. You’ll also need a reliable moving company by your side. If you’re familiar with local moves, but you’re on your way to moving to a new state, we’ve got you covered. Carry on reading to learn about local vs long distance moving: what’s the difference?

Local vs long distance moving difference

Planning details

Even though both local and long-distance moves require planning and organizing, you’ll need more thorough preparations when you’re moving to another state. To begin with, you’ll need to find a new home. It can be quite time-consuming when you can’t actually visit the place. Overall, you’ll have to figure out more details and make different preparations when getting ready to move interstate.

Planning a Move Concept

Both local and long distance moves require planning and organizing in advance


As mentioned before, every relocation requires some time, but moving long-distance takes much longer, and not only from the planning perspective. You will definitely want to book all services way in advance, including airplane tickets, packing and moving services, etc., but reaching your new home will also take more time than moving to a different neighborhood.


Probably the biggest concern of all people moving long-distance is the moving cost. Whether you go for a DIY move or hire a professional moving company, relocation can be expensive. You need to set a budget in advance. Moving to another state is more expensive than moving locally. The fact is pretty obvious when you consider the distance, cost of fuel, labor fees, etc. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break your budget, but do consult your local movers to make sure you find the best option for your budget.

Calculating a Moving Cost

Whether you are moving locally or out of state, calculate your budget carefully

Packing strategy

Most local moves are done in a few hours, and your possessions are in the moving truck for a brief time only, so the way you pack doesn’t make a huge difference in the overall moving cost. However, with long distance moving from NYC, moving boxes will be in the moving truck for several days or even longer, depending on the specific situation. The cost is often calculated based on the overall weight or size of your shipment, and packing like a pro can save you a lot of money. Also, make sure you pack your household items with the utmost care. Prolonged transportation also means a greater risk of damage. You may want to invest in professional packing materials, or even hire packing services.

DIY move

Another big difference between short distance and long-distance moves is the possibility of DIY. In most cases, moving locally can be done without much hassle, with some planning and a few helping hands. You can use your car and make several trips back and forth. Also, you can pack your items pretty much any way you like. But when it comes to long-distance DIY moving, things are quite different. Not to say it’s completely impossible, but executing such a complex move on your own is quite challenging. Just imagine yourself driving a rental truck for thousands of miles after packing up the entire household, just to get stuck in the traffic and have to wait for a few hours to move on.

A Couple Performing DIY Moving and Lifting

Performing a long distance DIY move is quite challenging

Besides being extremely inconvenient and complicated to do on your own, it will also end up costly when you consider rental, gas money, travel fees, etc. For many reasons, hiring movers NYC is always a better option than performing a DIY move when moving to a new state.

Choosing a moving company

The right choice of movers can make all the difference when moving long-distance, so you want to make sure that you hire a reliable and experienced company. While new movers may do well in terms of short-distance moves, you always want to choose a moving company that has plenty of moves under its belt when you’re relocating to another country. Their experience is not only important for packing and driving. It’s also important for handling any issues that may arise along the way, as well as for insurance purposes in case of damage.

Check customers’ reviews

Check your local Manhattan movers by reading customers’ reviews and asking around, and pay attention to comments relevant to your specific relocation. For instance, if you’re moving from NYC to Boston, search for NYC moving companies reviews for this specific route. Don’t avoid spending more time researching because hiring trustworthy movers is a key to a successful long-distance move. Get in touch with several movers and get several quotes. Ask them plenty of questions to figure out what works best. Remember that movers have to be licensed to be able to cross state lines, so check if they have a license and a USDOT number.

Man Researching Moving Companies Reviews Online

A thorough background check is imperative when facing a local or long distance move

Cut moving costs

Even if you’re moving on a budget, always go for the best service your budget allows. You should rather compromise on other aspects of your move. For example, declutter your home and sell some of the things to make some extra cash and have less to pack. Fewer moving boxes – lower moving cost. Figure out a way to pay less for your move, but never compromise on the credibility of movers. That’s definitely the most important aspect of a successful interstate relocation.

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