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New York is home to many diversities, business opportunities, and different lifestyles. Being so lively and energetic, NYC is a really convenient place for movers. That’s why Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC is known as one of the best local moving companies. Efficiency, professionalism, and punctuality are the keywords for our moving services. Whether we are performing interstate moving NYC (long-distance moving) or intrastate (local moving) your possessions will be handled carefully. Being highly experienced, Dumbo local movers will make the transition much easier for you.

We have a team of experienced moving professionals, and for them, no move is too complicated nor too difficult. They will handle your relocation as true professionals, which is why we are the right local movers NYC for you!

For highly efficient, affordable and reliable local movers NYC, get in touch with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC.


We named ourselves Dumbo Moving & Storage after the neighborhood we started in, Dumbo, Brooklyn. We founded our NYC moving company in 2007 with just one moving truck. Now our company has over 55 trucks and an army of NYC movers. We are proud of our New York heritage. We will move you wherever you want to go: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island ,New Jersey, Florida, wherever you want. If you have a long distance move or can’t move into your new place right way, don’t worry we have storage also.

Regardless of which NYC area you decide to move to, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC have got you covered. Our team is experienced in all local areas, and we know the streets of the Big Apple by heart. During our years of existence, we have relocated our customers to every corner and neighborhood in NYC imaginable. Should you need our local movers NYC to relocate you to the Bronx or any other borough, all you need to do is call.

From Long Island movers to Manhattan movers, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC have ensured that no NYC area is left uncovered. Feel free to get in touch with us, and see the prices we offer for your upcoming relocation. Which brings us to our next point of order.

Our team covers every corner of NYC
Our team of local movers comes at affordable prices and a high level of quality service


It is only a myth that relocation professionals have to have steep prices. And, if they don’t, people always assume that it is because they are not one of the top moving companies in the area. But, you have us to serve as a testament that not all reputable movers cost an arm and a leg. Our local moving team is efficient, reliable and punctual, but, most importantly, it is also affordable.

The prices we offer are competitive and the level of quality service we provide to each of our customers is unmatched. If you have problems believing that one relocation professional can be both reputable and affordable, then you should request an NYC moving quote from our team. New York’s residents are already familiar with the name Dumbo Moving & Storage, but they were not familiar with our prices. That ends today!

Watch out for fraudulent local movers

Dumbo moving and storage NYC is proof that you can get excellent, professional service at a really affordable price. While looking for a suitable moving company, the price of the moving services is the factor that may determine your choice.

Whether you are considering cheap movers NYC or extremely expensive ones, remember to check their background. There is probably a lot of information available online that can help you choose the movers that meet all your standards.

It is not an easy task, taking into account the all fraudulent moving companies which are lurking. Just take your time and collect as much information as possible. Choosing a reputable, trustworthy moving company is a real challenge, but bare in mind that you should put a lot of thought into this decision.

Otherwise, you can easily become a victim of rogue movers, which could cause additional stress and problems. So, in order to make this mission successful, you have to invest a certain effort. After you receive a moving cost estimate from several moving companies, choose one that meets all your criteria.

An individual moving experience is guaranteed with our local movers. Every customer gets a moving plan that is suitable for their particular moving needs.

Our team takes the stress out of the picture and brings in the satisfaction and positivity. Every person that opts for Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC ends up with a smile on their faces.

Our team provides help before, during, and after your move. Our goal is for you to do as little as possible, and focus on more pressing things.

and high-quality packing materials

You can expect only the best from our moving team and that includes sturdy moving boxes and other packing materials. Not only do we provide high-quality packing materials, but we also know the best way of packing those boxes. Our moving boxes and bins can carry a lot of weight, which is why they are perfect for any item you plan on putting in them. But, make sure to follow the instructions, and don’t overload the boxes.

And, if you need packing and unpacking assistance for your local move, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will come to your residence, and take care of all the hard work for you. From start to finish, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC are at your service for any moving-related task.


When you opt for our local movers NYC, you are not obliged to anything. You can choose the basic relocation package or you can opt for full-service, which includes packing and unpacking. The important thing is that you have options and plenty of them. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC can provide its clients with a luxurious moving experience. You don’t have to lift a finger except to point at what you need us to do. Our local movers will take care of the rest for you. We are always at your service!