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Little Italy is a neighborhood in Manhattan, which was once famous for almost exclusively Italian population. However, due to the proximity of Chinatown, there was also a large Asian population in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the size of the neighborhood has been reduced significantly due to the expansion of Chinatown.

Tree-lined and quaint streets, a lot of unique shops and restaurants, clean and safe streets make the real estate prices constantly go up. The neighborhood is undergoing huge changes, and there’ve been a lot of new developments. As for the real estate options, depending on your taste and finances, you can find expensive lofts, co-op apartments, studios, lots of tenements,… Those who are moving to Little Italy can find apartments at reasonable prices considering some other NYC neighborhoods.


Mulberry Street and its surrounding is the most vibrant part of the neighborhood, because most of the restaurants and bars are situated there. Dumbo moving and storage has performed a lot of moves towards Little Italy and customers are generally satisfied with the quality of lifestyle. The only issue is a constant noise and rush on the streets. Real estate options vary from luxury apartments to small ones situated above restaurants and cafes, overlooking busy, noisy streets. Little Italy movers are very busy in the area, since people are usually moving here attracted by positive character of the neighborhood and reasonable real estate prices. Regardless of the neighborhood you are moving from, you can always hire professional movers who will assist you during the move. If Manhattan movers are too expensive for you, start researching various moving companies as soon as possible. Furthermore, if your moving date is flexible you are likely to pay less. High quality moving service means successful move, so choose wisely!

Little Italy has unique position in the middle of everything that lower Manhattan has to offer and proximity to Midtown makes this area very desirable for those who plan moving. One of the main attractions which is interesting both for tourists and residents is San Gennaro Festival.

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