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How to Wrap and Move a Couch

Moving to a new home is one of the most important events in our lives. We are about to fill it with new adventures, memories, laughter, the good and the bad. But before we get too excited about moving to a new home, we need to learn how to relocate our items from the previous home. Professional movers are always there to help us, but if you want to do it on your own, you need to know the right steps. Avoiding moving injuries and couch damage is your goal. Let us see how to properly wrap and move a couch to have a stress-free relocation.


A Couch In The Living Room

Moving a couch requires some preparations

Should you move the couch in the first place?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. If the couch you have is old, out of style, or malfunctioning, there is no point in relocating it. There are things to know when moving large items. The weight of your items and the distance will determine the final moving bill, so consider this. Is it worth transporting an old couch miles away when you can simply buy a new one? Sell it or donate it before the relocation, and start looking for a new couch for your home. On the other hand, if you have a new couch that would fit into your new home perfectly, you should transport it.


A Question Mark In Neon Finish

Should I do it in the first place?

Gather packing supplies for packing and moving your couch

To successfully wrap and move a couch you will need great moving and packing supplies. Here is the list of all the things you will need before you start packing, so head over to the improvement store to get them.

  • Plastic stretch wrap – This is a perfect way to avoid dust and dirt and protect your couch at the same time.
  • Moving blankets – Moving blankets or furniture padding are the best option for wrapping and moving your couch. Depending on the size of the couch you should consider taking several moving blankets so that there is no uncovered area left on the couch.
  • Furniture sliders and padding – Preventing damage to the floor or the item itself is the reason why you should use furniture padding when moving. Place furniture sliders beneath the couch and slide the couch through the room. Protect the couch with furniture padding to protect the walls, corners, and the couch.
  • Furniture dolly – This is a must-have piece of moving equipment for a safe move. When you want to transport your couch easily, you should rent or buy a furniture dolly and use it to transport your items, instead of carrying them on your own.
  • Moving straps – However, if you do want to carry the couch on your own, we highly recommend using furniture moving straps. They are specifically designed to make the carrying of heavy items safer and easier.

a mover uses a moving dolly

By using a furniture dolly you’ll make your life much easier

Remove everything from the couch

Before you move a large piece of furniture, like a couch, you should know the basics of how to disassemble furniture properly. Takedown all the cushions, covers, or any other item you keep on the couch. You should end up with an empty couch frame. You can place the covers and cushions in the plastic bags and seal them. In this way, you won`t have to clean them again when you unpack the couch. Instead, you will simply be able to cover the couch with them once again.

Disassemble the couch if possible

Some couches have systems for disassembling. If possible, take the arms and legs of the couch apart. Pack each piece individually. This will make relocating the couch much easier and safer. If it is not possible, don`t worry. Even if you can’t disassemble every couch, you can surely relocate any couch. If you disassemble the couch, make sure to remember the order of the parts for assembling.

A Man Disassembles A Couch

Disassembling a couch before moving it is the best idea

Proceed to wrap the couch

Cover the couch in plastic stretch wrap. Make sure there is no uncovered area. This will protect your couch not only from dust and dirt, but also from scratches, or other possible damage during transportation. Another way to wrap the couch is with the help of moving blankets. Moving blankets are heavy-duty, perfect for covering delicate materials. There is almost no risk of damage, and you can rent them instead of buying them, which is great.

Move the couch to the moving truck

After carefully wrapping the couch, you should proceed to carry it to the moving truck. Make sure that your pathway is clear. Remove all the moving boxes, toys, or any other obstacle on your way. Find a sitter for your kids and pets. Place the couch carefully on the furniture dolly, or use moving straps to lift it. Step by step, proceed to the moving truck. Install the safety ramp to make the importing of the couch into the truck easier. In this way, you will avoid any possible moving injury and damage to the couch as well.


Dumbo movers move a couch to a moving truck

By following our tips, you will safely move a couch to a moving truck

Make sure to distribute the weight evenly

The next step is knowing how to load a moving truck the right way. Loading a couch inside the moving truck and placing it in the right place is also one of the things you need to do right. Make sure to load the heavier items first. So, your couch frame should be loaded first and placed in an upright position if possible, so that it does not take up much space on the floor.

Settling in your new home

Unpacking the couch in your new home must be done with proper care and expertise, too. Make sure you know how to properly unload a moving truck. Use the safety ramp to unload the moving couch from the truck, and place it onto the furniture dolly right away. Make sure your path is clear so that you can safely transport the moving truck to its new place. Although it was covered in high-quality materials, you should vacuum the couch and clean it according to the manufacturer`s instructions.


Movers Loading A Couch Into The Moving Van

Hiring professional movers is the most reasonable choice when moving heavy and bulky items

Hire professionals if necessary

We have seen the steps on how to properly wrap and move a couch. If you don`t think this is possible in your situation, you don`t have time or anyone to help you out, call the professionals. Proper lifting techniques, zero risks of moving injuries, time-efficient, insurance plan, etc. all of these are benefits of hiring a professional moving company. A team of skilled workers with plenty of experience will relocate your couch in no time. If you are in doubt, contact the moving company and find out more about the services they offer. Good luck!