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How to Use Moving Pods for Moving Cross-Country

Moving pods are a perfect way for storing and moving your items cross-country. People often say that moving long-distance is one of the most stressful events in their lives. However, with proper tools and the right organization, you can perform a cheap cross-country move, without stress. It can be a process that you will enjoy when you don`t have to pay a lot of money for the experience. Such is the case with moving pods for moving cross-country, as they make every relocation much easier. This is why we have created this guide on using moving pods for moving cross-country.


A Moving Container (PODS)

A moving container for a long-distance relocation

What exactly are moving pods?

Portable on-demand storage is what pods stand for. They come in sizes of 7, 12, and 16ft and are made of steel. Ground-level moving containers that you can transport to your destination make relocation much easier. The process of using moving pods is the following. Renting storage containers for moving a house is a great option. The moving company delivers it to your address and comes to pick it up on the date you have established. In the meanwhile, you pack it with your belongings, and when the time comes you send it to your new location. This can either be a pod storing location, or your new home.

Benefits of using moving pods for moving cross-country

There are numerous benefits of using moving pods for moving cross-country. We will now present the most important ones to you.

Moving pods are cheaper than hiring movers

Moving long-distance often means that you will need to spend a lot of money on your relocation. With moving pods, this is not the case. Renting a moving pod is much cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company. While moving with professional movers is certainly easier, if you are moving on a budget, moving pods are the right thing for you.


Cost Down

Reduce your long-distance moving costs by renting a moving container

They are easier to load and unload

Renting a moving truck is also a great option, but you are still faced with the challenging task of loading and unloading it. Of course, there is a couple of things you need to know about moving trucks. Without a safety ramp, you risk a moving injury and damage to your belongings. With moving pods, you can take the item and walk inside the moving pod, and leave it where you want it to be. Since it is ground-level the risk of damage or injury is down to a bare minimum. This makes both loading and unloading your items incredibly easier.

You don`t have to drive a moving truck to your new home

While renting moving trucks has plenty of advantages, you’d still have to know how to drive a rented moving truck, and drive it to your new location. With moving pods, all you have to do is schedule a pick-up time and load your pod. Someone else will drive it cross-country so you don`t have to worry about a thing.


Movers Loading A Couch Into The Moving Van

Although a moving truck is a solid choice, you’d still have to unload it

A moving pod is a safe place for your belongings

Made of steel, with safety locks, tie-downs, and a lock and a key your items will be perfectly safe inside a moving pod. Moving pods are also weather-resistant. They can withstand winds of over 110 mph. Besides they are difficult to break in and easy to maintain.

You have plenty of time to load and unload your moving pod

This is yet another benefit when you use moving pods for moving cross-country. It will be available for you for as long as you want it. This means that you don`t have to pack in a single day, or worse in a matter of hours. Instead, you can have a pod in your backyard for days before you pack or unpack. This is a great option for storing items as well, but in this case, they are perfect for moving cross-country.

Choose the size of a moving pod correctly

Moving pods come in several different sizes as we already mentioned. Let us see what can fit inside each of these moving pods.

7-foot moving pod size

This size corresponds to a 10ft rental truck. In this container, you will be able to relocate a studio apartment, for example. It is perfect for a college relocation, or any other smaller move.

12-foot moving pod size

If you are looking to move to a house with two or three bedrooms, this is the right choice for you. It corresponds to a 15ft long rental truck. It is also perfect for office relocations for example.


An Apartment And A Moving Truck

You can pack a 3-room apartment in a 12-foot pod, which corresponds to a 15-foot long rental truck


16-foot moving pod size

Moving home with three or four rooms is easy when you have a 16-foot container at your side. Save money on movers, pack on your own, and have the pod delivered to your new address. Safely and efficiently.

Pack a moving pod carefully

Packing a moving pod is not much different than packing a moving truck. Except that it is easier since it is ground-level, so you don`t have to use a safety ramp. Obtain all the packing supplies that you need. This should include moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, markers, furniture dolly, etc. Wrap all the items into bubble wrap and secure them with packing tape. Never fill the moving boxes to the top to avoid any damage. Distribute the weight evenly across the moving pod.

scissors and a duck tape on a bubble wrap

Use bubble wrap and the rest of the moving supplies when packing your items into a moving pod

How to use moving pods for moving cross-country

Using moving pods for moving cross-country is fairly easy and has numerous benefits. All you have to do is to reserve the appropriate size moving pod. Choose the time that suits your needs best. Inform the company about the destination and the duration of moving pod usage. They will deliver and pick up a moving pod at that time. Be home to meet the person bringing the pod so you can check if everything is working correctly, and ask any questions you might have.

Unpack at your desired destination without a hurry

When you have your moving pod delivered to you at your new address, unpack without a hurry. Take your time and have a good night of sleep first. You have enough time to finish everything without being charged extra fees. Good luck!