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How to Safely Move Your Gym Equipment

Working out every day, or several days a week is great for your health. Moving your gym equipment on the other hand can cause you stress, anxiety, and even some moving injuries. This is why it is important to do it right, and our ultimate guide on how to safely move your gym equipment will help you tremendously. Whether you are moving small items such as a yoga mat, or several machines that weigh more than 100 pounds, we are here to assist you.

Moving Gym Equipment

Read the manual first

Before you start moving your home gym equipment, find the manufacturer`s manual first. If you lost it, don`t worry. You can find it easily on the Internet. Read the part where it is explained how to move a certain piece of equipment carefully.

Take photographs of the equipment

Another thing that you should do before you start moving your equipment is to take photos of it. In some cases, videos are also a great idea. Photographs are a perfect way to check whether the damage was inflicted on your items during the relocation.

Make an inventory list

Although you may think that your gym equipment does not have that many items, it is always better to write down every piece of equipment that you own. It is easy to lose track of how many jump ropes, barbells, dumbells, steppers, free weights, and other pieces you own. In this case, making an inventory list will also help you estimate what kind of packing equipment will you need.

Have an Inventory List of Your Gym Equipment

Clean every single piece of equipment

If you want to stop germs from your old home spread to your new home, you need to disinfect every piece of equipment you own. Pay special attention to the hand bars and other parts of the equipment that you frequently touch with your hands. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth, and you will be done cleaning in no time.

Prepare the packing materials

After you have done all of the above, you can proceed to collect the packing supplies. One of the first things that you learn when you want to move your gym equipment is that not everything can fit inside of a moving box. Luckily, some things can indeed fit inside them, so you will need them anyway. Here are the most important items you need to obtain when moving your gym equipment:

  • Packaging tape
  • Moving boxes in several sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic bags with zip ties
  • Furniture dolly
  • Tie-down straps

Bubble Wrap

Moving the most frequent items in a home gym

Move your stationary bike safely

One of the most frequent items in a home gym is a stationary bike. To move a stationary bike you will need to cover it with a moving blanket since it cannot fit inside of a moving box. Make sure that the moving blanket does not fall off by taping it with the packing tape. If you own an electric bike, you should unplug all the cords and store them inside the plastic bag with a zip tie. It is a good idea to label this plastic bag so that unpacking goes smoothly. Taking your bike from your home gym to the moving truck can be a bit tricky and cause damage to the floor. To avoid this place cardboard or furniture padding beneath the bike to protect floors when moving.

Moving an elliptical machine does not have to be hard

Although an elliptical machine is bulky and heavy, moving it does not have to be stressful at all. First, you should disassemble the handlebars and pedals from the rest of the machine. Pack these parts separately into moving boxes Brooklyn that are clearly labeled. You will need to do this with a screwdriver, so there will be several nuts and bolts that you will want to save inside the plastic bag. The heart of the machine can be wrapped up with a moving blanket, just like the stationary bike. Since this machine is quite heavy, we recommend placing it onto the furniture dolly.

Elliptical Machine

Move a treadmill with the help of a friend

Moving heavy items such as a treadmill means that you will need help from a friend or even two. Disconnect all the cords, and place the treadmill in the upright position. Wrap it with a moving blanket, and place it onto the furniture dolly. Don`t forget to secure the treadmill with straps.

Dumbells, barbells, hand weights require extra protection as well

Even though these items are smaller, they can be quite heavy, so you need to be extra careful. Since their size allows it, you can use moving boxes to transport them. Wrap each piece with bubble wrap, and tape it with packing tape. Place the items inside the smaller moving box. Never fill the box up to the top, and always double tape the bottom of the box as it may easily collapse due to the heavy content. Also, you might consider getting a brand new, sturdy moving box instead of a used one as you don`t want to risk damaging your items. Using plastic bins, in this case, is also a great idea.

Disassembled Metal Dumbbells.

Finally, pack mats, towels, yoga blocks, etc.

When you have packed the heavier items to the moving truck, you can pack the light ones easily. These include mats, towels, yoga blocks and similar items. You can pack them inside a larger moving box, just make sure it is sturdy enough. Roll the mats and towels and place them inside the moving box. Wrap yoga blocks with bubble wrap. Label the moving box before your place it inside the moving truck.

Hire professionals movers

If you feel like this is too much work, or you don`t have someone to assist you, hiring movers is the best way to go. Avoid moving injuries, save yourself a ton of time, and reduce stress by having a reliable and professional moving company move your gym equipment efficiently. Good luck!