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How to Move Long-Distance On a Budget

Moving can be very stressful and, in some cases, require a lot of your time, money, and energy. It is often ranked as one of the most stressful events you`ll experience in your lifetime, alongside divorce, which is why proper planning and organization are crucial. If you have kids, the whole thing can get even more complicated, especially if you have no one to look after your kids while you take care of moving. In that case, you`ll probably need to spend some extra bucks on daycare. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, moving, especially long-distance, can be very expensive and you`d want to save up money wherever you can. If you plan on moving soon and need help on how to move long-distance on a budget, check out the following text.


Most people pile up stuff they don`t actually need or simply don`t use anymore. Besides, you might have some outdated belongings because you purchased new ones. You`d be surprised how quickly this can add up to an unreasonable amount of stuff you`ll end up moving, resulting in wasting a pretty big amount of money. Make use of any tips for downsizing when moving you can get. The best way to stop this is to declutter in multiple ways. One of the best, if not the best, way to declutter and even make some money is to sell the items you no longer use. You can throw a successful pre-move garage sale or simply sell the stuff to your friends and family.

This way, you`ll efficiently reduce the amount of stuff you will need to pack and transport for your long-distance move. Another great way to declutter while giving out to the community is to donate your stuff to a charity or an unprofitable organization. There are a lot of charities that offer free donation pick up. They can help you get rid of unwanted items. Your last resort should be to throw away items that are simply not worth it. If you have things that cannot be put to good use, throw them away and, if possible, make sure it is recycled.

Free Stuff

Another great way to save money when moving on a tight budget is to obtain stuff free. And when we say stuff, what do we mean?

We`re referring to packing materials and moving boxes which may seem cheap, but in reality, this can add up to be a very high cost. Seek out used boxes, packing materials, and tape from multiple sources. In some cases, you can even ask your local shop to save up and give you the boxes they plan on throwing away or resort to family, friends, and colleagues for help. Surely, some of them moved in the recent future and probably can help you in terms of saving up money.

If it`s not possible to obtain anything for free, check out various online sites that sell used packing materials and boxes for a pretty low cost.

Again, although this might not seem significant in terms of cutting expenses, you`d be surprised that this can add up to be a pretty big amount of money you can put to good use.

Donating Unwanted Clothes


There are two ways to conduct the whole move, and when we say the whole move, we`re talking about the entire moving process.

The first is to hire a professional moving company that will take care of the whole thing for you. The challenging thing here is that some moving companies are not that professional, which can result in possible breakage of your items. Also, hiring a professional moving company will serve you no justice if you plan on saving up money and spending a reasonable amount of money on the whole move. So, if you plan on conducting a long-distance move on a budget, hiring pros is a no-no.

The next way to take care of the move is to go for DIY, meaning you`ll have to perform the whole move by yourself. Now, this means that you will need to find a moving vehicle and transport all of your belongings. Also, besides transport, you`ll need to take care of the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking which can be quite tricky if you have no prior experience on the subject, or worse if you plan on doing everything by yourself, especially for those that need to move an excessive amount of items. Naturally, you will need help.


As we mentioned above, you`ll need help with packing and moving heavy items when moving long-distance on a budget. First and foremost, if you need to transport, load, and unload heavy and bulky items, you risk injuries if you don`t have a pair of extra hands. Getting help is the best way to avoid injuries when moving. Then, you’ll need to know how to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. If you choose to hire movers to help you with these tasks, it is unlikely you`ll be saving up money, so we recommend asking family, friends, and colleagues for help. Just make sure to pick people who have at least some experience on the subject.

Also, if you have kids, you can ask some of the people in your near surrounding to take care of them and keep them entertained since kids aren`t aware of all the things that can go wrong when it comes to carelessness.

Professional Movers Are Carrying A Heavy Load Down The Stairs

Hiring Pros

In most cases, hiring professional movers won`t help you save up money and conduct the long-distance move on a tight budget. However, in some cases, hiring pros might be a good idea. What do we mean? Well, if you have a large number of items and need help with transporting them, in some cases, you`ll need to spend a bunch of bucks on paying back your family and friends for the effort. Besides, you`ll possibly need to rent the moving vehicle (of course, you’ll need to know how to drive a rented moving truck), moving and packing supplies, and in some cases, additional costs. However, there are ways to prevent overpaying the movers by going for discounts and choosing to move out of the season. In any case, make sure to hire truly professional long distance movers NYC who accentuate the client`s needs.