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Is hiring cheap movers a false economy?

When planning a local or international move, you have plenty of NYC moving companies at your disposal. Going for the lowest quote turns out to be a wrong decision in most cases. Trying to save money on some important life events like a household move can actually cost you more in the long run. Although customers happen to be attracted by extremely low, too-good-to-be-true offers, as a matter of fact, those should be avoided. Finding a balance between cost and quality is what most customers should aim to if they don’t want to spend a fortune on a household relocation or entrust their belongings to a questionable and incompetent moving company. Keep reading to find out if hiring cheap movers is a false economy.

Extremely Low Price Quotes

Cheap vs reasonably priced movers

No matter the distance, a household move can be very expensive, and you would certainly like to cut expenses if possible. It can be tempting for you to hire movers that offer the lowest possible rate and save on your move. But, bear in mind that there are a lot of fraudulent moving companies that you should stay away from no matter how appealing their offer is. And remember, cheaper is not always better when it comes to moving house.

Luckily, there are reasonably priced moving companies that offer quality moving services with no strings attached.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s always useful to have a rough idea of the relocation costs and check whether your expectations meet reality. By comparing several moving quotes you have received from a couple of moving companies you can gain a more accurate understanding of the current moving market and expenses you are going to incur during the moving process.

Hopefully, the following points will help you have a cost-effective and stress-free move by making the right moving-related choices.

Tips for identifying fraudulent movers

Extremely low price quotes

Fraudulent moving companies provide drastically low (therefore appealing) moving estimates. It is always advisable to get several different quotes to get an idea about moving costs. They will often provide a quote via phone, without leaving any written trace, so you don’t have any proof in case you want to take legal actions against them. Chances are that you will be charged an unreasonable amount when the move is complete, despite the low initial quote.

No contract

When hiring a moving company, you should get the proper paperwork. You can sign a binding, non-binding, or binding-not-to-exceed contract, as long as you sign one that works for you. But if there is no physical evidence about your cooperation, chances are you are in for fraud. Signing a contract is protecting both you and your moving company.

No license number

Always Check Movers' License Number

In most cases, low-priced moving companies are not properly registered. Make sure you check whether the moving companies you are interested in comply with local regulations. Give them a call and ask if they can provide proof of their license. While doing so, pay attention to how they respond to your request. All trustworthy movers will have no problem with proving proof of their credibility. Also, if you are moving long-distance, make sure you check the moving company’s USDOT number.

Don’t stop there, but check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that is a non-profit organization protecting consumers. If movers are a member and have good ratings, you are good to proceed. BBB requires all companies to go through a vetting process in order to become a member.

Always Remember to Check Moving Companies Reviews Before Hiring Cheap Movers

While you are at it, check for NYC moving companies reviews as well. Don’t be too quick to hire movers with only positive reviews, but rather pay attention if comments are relevant and how movers are responding to the complaints. Only positive reviews can also be a sign of a fraudulent moving company.

No insurance

Extremely cheap moving services include either limited or no insurance. That means that your household belongings are not properly covered in case of any damage or loss. Therefore, the moving company in question will not be held accountable for any possible inconvenience. However, you should bear in mind that accidents may happen even if your move manages one of the most reputable moving companies. So, you will come to realize that investing in a more comprehensive type of moving insurance will pay off eventually and ensure your peace of mind throughout the relocation process.

Poor customer service

Lack of professionalism, as well as an incredibly low moving estimate, is what makes fraudulent movers recognizable. Also, additional services like packing and unpacking services, disassembling and reassembling, piano moving, storage services are usually not included in the offer, which makes the process even more difficult.

Unusually cheap movers happen to be incompetent to take care of your treasured belongings since they do not invest in professional pieces of training. Dealing with incompetent and inexperienced moving staff can result in a series of inconveniences and potential damage to your goods. At the end of the day, you will get what you paid for and very low prices can be considered as a red flag for bad moving services or fraud. To put it in a nutshell, extremely cheap moving solutions can lead to some huge and unexpected expenses. Those can and should be avoided, which is why you have to do your homework and researched a moving company’s background and references.

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