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Hire Movers or Do It Yourself?

Residential relocation always finds you with plenty of questions. You ask yourself where your new home will be, how the house or apartment will look like and how much rent you want to pay. There is always a question when it comes to moving itself whether to hire movers or do it yourself. This depends on your lifestyle as well as on the preferences and possibilities. If your job has an extremely tight schedule, chances are you will be better off paying for service.

Packed Household Stuff

Packed household stuff ready for moving into a new house

However, if you are on a strict budget and have to save money, it can be accomplished with some skills and a few friends. You can choose something in between and hire a moving company for transport, but do the packing part yourself. Or you can do everything alone and hire professionals only for transporting very large or oddly-shaped items, like NYC piano movers or fine art movers.

Keep reading to get a few tips to help you decide whether to hire movers or do it yourself.

Pros of hiring movers

Avoid stress

Once you hire a moving company, especially if you choose a full-service one, they will take responsibility for your move. Hiring a professional for any type of work is always less stressful since all the work is done by someone else and all you have to do it enjoy your new home.

Less effort

If you want to skip all the heavy lifting or you don’t consider yourself fit enough to carry your furniture, you can hire packing services. Even if you decide to pack by yourself, you will still have to drive to transport your belongings. If you hire movers, you can go without lifting a finger and simply arrive at your new home where your things will be waiting for you.


Signing a contract obliges your mover to provide a service that you are paying for which can save you a lot of nerves. You want to make sure to hire reliable Brooklyn cheap movers since they will make sure to complete everything safely and on time. It is a good idea to do some research and find a reputable moving company that has good reviews.

Cons of hiring movers

More cost

If you are on a budget, hiring movers can get pricey. The best thing to do is to get a moving price from several companies and see if you can work out your budget. However, be careful and research before going for the cheapest option because it might lead to an unreliable service provider.

Hiring Movers Can Get Pricey

You should choose DIY move if you want to cut down the moving costs

Fewer decisions

There will not be much flexibility if you hire movers. If you are moving long-distance and you choose a consolidated move, you can’t precisely schedule the arrival of your belongings.

Pros of DIY move

More affordable

It is inevitable to spend less if you don’t have to pay for manpower. You will still need to rent a truck and spend money on gas. But it will cost far less than paying movers. If you are on a strict budget, you will save a significant amount of money by handling the move by yourself.

Estimating Moving Costs for a DIY Move

Calculating moving costs while planning a DIY move can help you prepare financially

Make decisions

If you are the type of person who likes to be in control of things, it will be easier to do so if you are the one organizing your move. In this way, you will have more flexibility and you will be able to decide when and how you want your moving process to be done.

The way to pack

Moving companies charge by a total load, which can depend on the weight or size (square meters) that it takes in a truck. This affects the way you have to pack your possessions. On the other hand, when DIY, you have the freedom to pack any way you like.

Packing Clothes as a Part of DIY Move

You can save some money with do it yourself moving and packing

Cons of DIY move

Carrying and lifting

When you hire movers, they will make sure they have enough manpower to carry your belongings. Some pieces of the furniture are probably extremely heavy and you might end up getting hurt or damaging furniture. Moving requires a lot of physical work, like carrying and lifting.

DIY Moving and Lifting

The biggest con of a DIY move is lifting and carrying all the heavy furniture


Once you hire a moving company, they practically take care of everything. It means that they will organize the moving truck, transport, and manpower. If you are moving on your own, it might get overwhelming planning all the details.

Moving issues

When traveling it can always happen that an issue comes along. If you are moving by yourself, you will have to take care of the problem alone, which is not the case when movers are responsible for the transport.

When to hire movers

Large items

If you have to transport a very large oddly-shaped item, opt for a professional moving service. Imagine carrying a large piano yourself. Even if your friends gladly offered to help, some items will still be challenging to move. Think of any item like hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, or any kind of antique furniture that is sensitive to damage. In these cases, the cost of movers might be less than repairing or replacing the damaged item.

Consider Hiring Movers If You Need to Relocate the Piano

Piano moving companies know how to approach any piano moving task


If you are moving to another state, DIY move can be a nerve-racking experience. When moving long-distance, hiring moving services is definitely the right choice. Imagine yourself driving hundreds or thousands of miles in a huge moving truck. When the moving company is doing the transport of your household items, you can comfortably arrive on a plane or by any sort of transport of your choice.

Physical condition

If your physical condition is not at its best, leave the moving to the movers. You should be able to comfortably lift at least 60lbs, however with many items, the weight will be higher. Even if your friends are helping you with lifting and carrying, skip moving by yourself if you are not in great shape.

Not driving a truck

If you are not willing to operate a large vehicle, hire a professional moving company. There will be limited options to transport your belongings unless you rent a moving van in New York. If you are not comfortable with driving a rental van or truck, always choose hiring movers.