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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Trucks

The moving process comes with a lot of options and decision-making. Every move is different, depending on how many items will you move, are you moving on your own or with a family, and whether your move is international or local. When planning your unique relocation, you will be able to decide whether you want to rent a moving van in New York or a moving truck and perform the move on your own. The second option that you can always choose is to hire reliable movers. If you realize you don`t want to use a moving truck on your own, that is perfectly fine. However, you should not give up until you read this useful guide on moving trucks.

Rent your moving truck on time

A well-organized relocation will never cause you too much stress. Renting a moving truck several weeks before the actual relocation is the best thing you can do. Bear in mind that summer and spring are the most popular times of the year for relocation. Moving truck renting companies are pretty busy at this time, as well as on weekends and the beginning and the end of every month. So, in order to avoid the stress of not being able to choose the best moving truck, rent it on time.

Renting Moving Trucks on Time

Choose the best size of the moving truck

Moving trucks come in several different sizes. Picking the right size will make your moving process significantly easier. How to choose the right moving truck? First of all, you will be able to relocate everything in one go, and not spend double or triple as much fuel on several trips. Because in case you chose a moving truck that is too small, you will have to go back and forth. On the other hand, if you choose a moving truck that is too large, you risk damaging your belongings as they may shift inside and break.

Moving truck sizes

As we mentioned you can choose between several sizes of moving trucks, and here are the most common ones.

  • Cargo van – If you choose to move in a cargo van, you will be able to relocate up to 1 bedroom in it. It is small and practical if you don`t have that many things to relocate.
  • 10-foot moving truck size – This is the smallest size that you can choose when renting a moving truck. A truck of this size is enough to fit in your studio or one-bedroom apartment.
  • A 12-foot moving truck size – If you want to relocate a 2-bedroom apartment, this is the perfect option for you.
  • A 16-foot moving truck size is enough to fit a three-bedroom apartment.
  • A 22-foot moving truck size – These trucks can fit between 3 and 5 rooms of your apartment. It is useful to know that when driving this moving truck, you will have the place for three people at the bench upfront.
  • A 26-foot moving truck size – This is the largest size of them all. You will be able to fit 5-7 rooms in it. Although with a relocation this large we suggest that you hire professionals to help you manage it.

Moving Trucks in Different Sizes

What do you need to know when driving a moving truck?

Driving a moving truck is pretty similar to driving a car. But it is not identical. The vehicle is larger and it takes some time to adjust to it. We recommend that you try it out on some parking lot before driving it to your new home. A little bit of practice will only do you good.

  • Never go higher than a speed limit – In fact, you should go at least 10mph slower than the speed limit. The reason is that you will have more time to react properly and avoid any accident if you go slower.
  • Watch the signs – If you have been driving a car for a few years you are accustomed to following the signs for a car. But remember that you are in a moving truck now and you should follow those signs when driving.
  • Follow the 4 seconds rule – You should keep a distance of 4 four seconds from the other vehicles when driving a moving truck. Needless to say, unless you have a clear road in front of you, do not pass other vehicles while driving a full moving truck.

Having insurance is essential when driving a moving truck

Check with your auto insurance provider whether you have insurance when driving a moving truck. If not, you should use any of the insurance plans your moving company has to offer. Make sure to get the best package, as you never know what can happen on the road. Also, check whether moving insurance covers the items inside the moving truck. If not, take a separate cargo insurance plan so that all of your items are properly insured in case of an accident.

Consider Taking the Insurance Before Your Move

Avoid accidents when driving a moving truck

We already mentioned that you need to drive a moving truck with extra caution. Now, we want to talk about parking your moving truck. If you need to take a break and spend the night at some hotel, you will need to park a moving truck full of your belongings. This is why you need to park in a well-lit area and preferably at parking for moving trucks especially. When you get out of the moving truck triple-check whether all the locks and windows are closed.

Hire professionals if necessary

Renting and driving a moving truck is not very hard, you just need to be careful. In case you don`t have enough time to perform a DIY move, we highly recommend hiring a moving company. Because if you are busy, tired, and frustrated accidents are bound to happen. On the other hand, a skilled team of professionals will load, transport, and unload all of your belongings and a safe and efficient manner. Whatever you decide, remember to go one step at a time, and don`t stress out too much. Good luck!