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Dumbo Moving is Introducing PriceByTruck

The worst part of moving is when the customer has to take inventory of their items. The key to successful moving is moving inventory. It is annoying, and the customer does not like to do it. To make this easier, Dumbo Moving has two options: we have an onsite estimate, where a moving consultant comes to the customer’s home and takes inventory for them, and we have a moving video estimate, where the customer just sends a video of everything they would like to move.
Customers like both these options, but we thought we could do better. We decided to revolutionize our pricing structure. So, customers do not have to worry about having extra items, and they do not have a strict inventory they need to stick to. Dumbo Moving created PriceByTruck.

Price by Truck

PriceByTruck is a pricing model based on the size of the truck you need for a move. It is as simple as that. Dumbo Moving is the first company in the moving industry to have this model of pricing.

How does PriceByTruck work?

PriceByTruck works based on the size of the truck you need. Do you need a small, medium, or large truck for your move? (If you are reading this blog post from New York, your answer is likely small.) Small trucks or Vans are for studio moves and Junior bedroom apartments. Medium trucks or the standard size moving truck is for One or two-bedroom moves. And the large truck is generally reserved for three-bedroom moves, long-distance moves, or house moves.

Here is how it works:

  • The customer informs their moving consultant how big their home is.
  • Then the moving consultant goes over the potential inventory with the customer: this truck will be able to fit a bedroom set, this many moving boxes NYC, etc.
  • After the consultation, the moving consultant will designate the correct truck for you. Each consultation will factor in having extra items on the day of the move.

PriceByTruck is a guaranteed price for your move. You are paying for a truck to be filled, if you fill that truck you are all set.

PriceByTruck is A Guaranteed Price

You Can Save With Moving Price Based on the Truck

PriceByTruck – A Guaranteed Moving Price

The best part of PriceByTruck is that it is a guaranteed moving price. A lot of moving companies charge by the hour, well this moving company is charging by the truck. That way customers do not have to worry that their movers are dragging their feet or rushing, and potentially be more careless with their items.

Pro tip: If you want an insider moving tip, the only time you should want an hourly moving job is when you are moving within the same building and would not need a truck.

Another trick by moving companies is charging by the weight, well weight does not mean much anymore if local movers Brooklyn NY are going to use dollies anyway. And it is hard for customers to judge how heavy their items are unless they are weighing all their boxes. The PriceByTruck model focuses the shift for the customer for something easier, size. PriceByTruck just cares about how large your items are and how much room they will take up in the truck. This is all extremely easy to do with your moving consultant and will not require any measuring on behalf of the customer.

Try PriceByTruck Today

get a Moving Price Based on the Moving Size Truck

Get a moving truck at great rates, with all the moving supplies you need.

PriceByTruck gives you a guaranteed price based on the moving truck picked for your job. No matter what truck gets assigned to you, your price is guaranteed. No need to worry about how many items you have for your job, as long as your items fit in your truck you are all set. And your moving consultant will make sure you have the right truck for your job. You are not paying for the hours it takes you to move, you are not paying for how many movers it takes to move you, you aren’t paying for how heavy your boxes are, you are paying for the PriceByTruck.

Dumbo Moving is the first in the moving industry to have this pricing model, take advantage of it today for your move. Whether you are moving down the block or cross country, PriceByTruck will save you money, give you an easier, and worry-free move. Choose Dumbo Moving, and try PriceByTruck today.