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The Best Places to Move for Remote Work

Where to move for remote work when the only thing you need for getting the job done is good internet coverage? Remote work became a new normal with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, and you might be searching for the right place to move to. We prepared a list of cities that might be solid choices, considering internet coverage, living cost, housing cost, local economy, outdoor spaces, walkability, healthcare, etc. If you are a remote worker, you should definitely consider moving to one of these cities.

These are the best places to move for remote work.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is the second-most-populous city in Texas and one of the fastest-growing in the United States. The best thing about moving to San Antonio is the low cost of living and affordable housing. You will find affordable co-working offices for remote workers, but also plenty of historical landmarks, great restaurants, and Four 500 Fortune companies.

Atlanta, Georgia

What about moving from NYC to Atlanta? Atlanta is one of the best places for remote workers in the U.S. It is the capital of Georgia, with a great market for co-working spaces, and many affordable and livable neighborhoods. Whether you choose to stay in or around the Atlanta area, you will easily find a place to live and work remotely.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison has a population of about 260,000 people, and it gives you the urban feel without compromising on the small-city charm. Even though the living cost is a bit higher compared to the national average, it is still much lower compared to bigger cities. If you are a foodie, you’ll be happy to know that restaurants are getting supplies from nearby local farms, so you can rest assured you will find plenty of delicious meals.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines Iowa

Des Moines is the capital and the most populous city of Iowa with around 215,000 residents. It’s becoming more popular for career searching. It’s big enough to provide everything that a capital should but small enough to be walkable and cozy.  Year-round events will keep you entertained, including various festivals taking place downtown. Besides excellent internet coverage, you will also find that cost of living is significantly lower than the country’s average.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When moving to an eastern city, people usually choose NYC, New Jersey City, or Philadelphia. But if you are looking for a good place for remote work with low living costs, then you might want to consider Pittsburgh. The cost of living is below the national average, as well as housing. Because the city used to be polluted due to the industrial zone, today it’s quite the opposite. Most people live close to local parks, so you will have access to green space at all times.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

These two cities are known as The Twin Cities, and this region is one of the best choices for remote workers, at least for those who can’t give up on the metropolis vibe. If you choose to move to Minneapolis-St. Paul, you will have access to everything from art, culture, and world-class food to nature and all the perks of country life. Living cost in this region is slightly higher than the average, but it’s still much lower compared to cities on the coast.

Port Chester, NY

For remote workers who want to get away from extremely expensive NYC prices, but still want to stay close, Port Chester makes an excellent choice. You will find plenty of green spaces, small-town charm, and proximity to the Big Apple – it only takes one hour drive to reach Manhattan. Even though it’s not exactly affordable, it still makes a much cheaper alternative for those moving from NYC.

Seattle, Washington

This is one of the most livable cities in the country, with a diverse population and rich art and music scene. Seattle is home to several world-renowned companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, etc. That means that the job market for anyone, including remote workers, is great. The con of this great city is the high cost of living. But if your wallet can take it (and if you don’t mind the rain), it’s a great place to live.

St. Augustine, Florida

For remote workers who want to live in the coastal city, but want to avoid beach-town prices, St. Augustine can be the perfect solution. The cost of living and rent costs are about the same as the national average. You get to live near the river or the ocean, with access to the wildlife sanctuary, and of course, wonderful Florida weather.

Traverse City, Michigan

The least-populous place for remote workers on our list has only 15,570 residents. It’s a perfect town for those who want to move to a small town, but still have access to enjoyable features, such as shopping and upscale waterfront dining. The Lake Michigan offers plenty of opportunities for water sports, and living cost is lower than the national average.

Rogers, Arkansas

Rogers can be a solid choice for remote workers with families who are looking for a small place to live− with a population of only 66,344 people. The town offers high-quality public schools, a low crime rate, and plenty of activities suitable for kids. The cost of living is well below the national average, making it a good place to move to if you are on a budget.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omahe Nebraska is One of the Best Places to Move for Remote Work

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, with solid economy and booming tech market. It’s named by the locals the “Silicon Prairie” because it is home to eight 500 Fortune Companies and numerous headquarters of tech startups. Besides the great job market, the living cost here is well below the national average.

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