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8 Reasons Why You Should Move to Philadelphia

Is it always sunny in Philadelphia? Many seem to agree, given the unique charm of the city, with cobblestone streets, lots of green spaces, rich culture, and some killer food. So come along as we dive into the world of Philly life and share a few benefits of living here. There’s so much to love besides what we’ll mention but in order to keep this blog short, we’ll focus on the top eight reasons why you should move to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia City Hall Clock

1. Quaint original character

The first thing we love about Philadelphia and what makes it nice to live here is its quaint character. You’ll instantly notice cobblestone streets and the unique charm of this city, merging the best of both worlds – big-city opportunities with small-town vibes. Besides having the unique charm of its own, Philadelphia also gives you access to some of the most wonderful quaint towns in the country such as Princeton, Doylestown, or Haddonfield, all about half an hour drive away from Philly.

2. Unique neighborhoods

Speaking of unique charm, here comes the reason number two why you should move to City of Brotherly Love – there are so many unique neighborhoods. Ok, this is true for many cities but Philadelphia neighborhoods are so special and diverse that it’s really an important thing to note when considering relocation. You’ll most definitely find a place to suit your personality and lifestyle, whether you’re up for shopping in Rittenhouse, prefer a small-town vibe of Chestnut Hill, or feel like exploring historical Old City − trust us, whichever vibe you’re after, Philly has it all.

3. The affordability

Another reason why you should move to Philadelphia is often the most important one and that’s affordability. Compare this city to Washington DC and New York City and you may quickly make up your mind about moving here. The dollar really stretches in Philly not only compared to south and north neighbors we just mention but compared to many other big cities on the East Coast. When it comes to housing, Philly’s housing index is 66 compared to the national average that’s one hundred, so the median home price in Philadelphia is $221,400 while $291,700 is the nation’s average.

To put this into perspective even more, the median home price in New York City is an unbelievable $654,300. Being so much cheaper than Big Apple definitely makes Philly a winner for many people looking for affordable housing and living costs. The downside of this may be that lots of people moved here in search of better living conditions so prices are going up –you may want to hurry up if you’re still in the consideration stage.

Piggy Bank With Money

Speaking of the consideration stage, it’s definitely worth visiting before you decide to move. We know that budget is an important part of relocation so if you’d like to know how much the move would set you back, reach out to Dumbo movers for a free quote. We’ll leave the details in the description box below so you can contact us anytime to chat about your move and create a personalized moving plan.

4. Culture and art

Alright so let’s move to the next bright side of living in Philadelphia. Our reason number four why you should consider moving here is its rich culture and art. As the birthplace of the nation, the city boasts many historical sites – Benjamin Franklyn Museum, Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall are only a few of them. The city’s rich cultural heritage also shows on daily basis thanks to preserved architecture and cobblestone streets. Besides major historical sites, Philadelphia also has cultural sites all over – the city is filled with arts and museums.

Here’s a fun fact – here you’ll find the only Rodin Museum outside Paris. If you move to Philly, you’ll have access to some of the world’s finest cultural institutions such as The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes Foundation, only to name a few. Regarding music, you’ll be no behind with the Philadelphia Orchestra – one of the premiere orchestras on the planet.

5. Outdoor activities

The reason number five to start calling Philadelphia home is that you’ll have endless opportunities to spend time outdoors. Parks and greenery are a huge part of Philly life – the city was actually named as one of the top ten cities in the world for parks. The park system is constantly rated high and it’s one of the things that make this city so cozy. Let’s add some numbers to prove the fact – there are over three hundred neighborhood parks, 166 miles of trails, and around sixty community gardens. Even if you’re not visiting parks, you’ll still get to enjoy some amazing greenery where ever you go – gorgeous tree-lined streets only add to the already great city vibe.

6. Easy to get around

Our next reason for calling Philadelphia home is that you’ll be able to get around with ease whether you prefer to walk, bike, or use public transport. The city’s trains and buses are quite reliable and public transport is ranked fifth in the nation, so you’ll have no trouble there. It’s also bike-friendly with plenty of bike trails so you can also choose that type of transport if you like it better. When it comes to walking, you also won’t be disappointed because many walking and hiking trails let you walk from one side of the Center City to the other in about 45 minutes. Another huge part of living in Philadelphia is that it’s not as congested as other cities.

You can walk around without worrying that you’ll bump into someone and you don’t have to deal with road rage daily (looking at you New Jersey!).

7. The food

The reason number seven why you should move to Philadelphia is food. All the foodies out there may be wondering how a food scene in Philly is, but worry not! The City of Brotherly Love has plenty of America’s award-winning restaurants and many growing local dining organizations. Every city has a copycat take on Philly’s famous cheesesteak, but you’ll find the original one here. For fans of international cuisine, Philadelphia also has a number of Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Peruvian, and many other foreign cuisine restaurants.

Mexican Food

Besides the top-tier food scene, you also find endless options of breweries and distilleries so rest assured you’ll enjoy your drinks in Philly. Now here comes the amazing thing about dining and drinks – you’ll find plenty of Bring Your Own Bottle aka BYO restaurants so you can actually bring a bottle of wine and only order food. So, you’ll save money and dine like a pro – how great is that?

8. The location

The last reason on our list of pros of moving to Philadelphia is the location. While finding a great place to live is not so hard, things change significantly when you consider where the place is. What’s great about Philly is that it gives you easy access to New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and other cities, while places like Baltimore and Boston are within one day’s reach. If you need to fly out of Philly, things are looking great as well. The airport is easy to reach by public transport or Uber from Center City and it’ll take you almost anywhere.

We’ve shared only some of the benefits of moving to Philly, but ultimately, we know that there’s much more to love about this city. As always, it’s best if you visit before moving and see for yourself. During this time, you can check out housing options as well as moving options – for free moving quotes you can reach out to us anytime.