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8 Moving Hacks for a Less Stressful Move

If you haven`t moved so far, you have probably heard many times that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. But this is only partly true, as you can do a lot of things to prevent stressful situations and actually enjoy the relocation process. Whether you are moving due to getting a better job, or you are moving in with your significant other, focus on the final goal and the level of stress will significantly decrease. We have created this useful guide and moving hacks in order for you to have the best possible moving experience, as stress is usually something that we cause to ourselves.

Hire professionals to help you with relocation

Professional Movers

A full-service moving company can help you from start to finish with your relocation. Although this may not be the perfect option if you are moving on a tight budget, you can certainly use at least some of their services to make your relocation less stressful. They can help you with packing, unpacking, loading, disassembling furniture, and many other things. Not to mention that by hiring moving help you will completely decrease the risk of moving injuries, save a lot of time and energy, and have insurance for your item on top of that.

Call someone to take care of your kids and pets

Moving With Kids and Pets

Moving can be a little more stressful for your kids and pets. They usually cannot grasp what is happening and why is their house becoming empty of all of their favorite things. Since they will be moving into the unknown, and have a hard time realizing that, it is a great idea to have someone watch over them. It is best if some of your close relatives or friends can help you out with this part. Having the kids and pets away from home will decrease the stress levels and you will be more focused on what is coming.

Make a to-do list

If there is one single thing that can help you with having a less stressful move, it is certainly a to-do list. Make an extensive to-do list at the beginning of your relocation planning. As soon as you finish one chore from the list tick it off. It will give you the motivation to continue, and it will make you realize that there actually is an end to all of this. Copy one list and place it on the fridge, and you can carry the other copy with you at all times. It will keep you organized amidst all the chaos, and you will be grateful that you have that piece of paper beside you.

Pack the essentials bag

An Essential Bag

Before you move, you should have a bag or a box that will contain all the vital items that you will need 24-48 hours during and after the move. It should contain everything from your toothbrush and soap, clean clothes, favorite book, but also your phone chargers, essential documents, medication, a list of important numbers in case you lose your phone. This will keep your mind at peace, as you will not have to rummage through numerous boxes to find what you need most. An essentials bag is a great moving pack that will certainly keep the stress away.

Pack the items that you do not use on a daily basis first

Packing Lamps

This is a very important moving hack that you should take into consideration and apply when packing. Imagine packing the dishes during the first days of packing, and ending up not having enough plates to eat from? So, instead of not causing yourself additional work such as packing and then unpacking items, start with placing unnecessary items into boxes first. Consider packing books first, and winter clothes if you are moving in the summer. Your attic and garage should also be on top of your list when you start packing items for the move. In this way, you will end up with only the essential items on a moving day and you will be able to pack them efficiently.

Save money in advance

Moving can cause some expected as well as unexpected costs and burden your finances more than necessary. As with everything in life, you should prepare for the unexpected and as soon as you do this, the stress levels will decrease. Just deal with one thing at a time, and you will always be ready for the next issue. And if there is one thing that makes resolving issues a lot easier and less stressful, it is knowing that you have enough money to deal with it. Whether your car broke halfway to your dream house, or you accidentally damaged your sofa, some extra cash will make you prepared. So, even before you make the decision to relocate, you should start saving money in order to make it easier and less stressful.

Deal with utilities, address change, and subscription

This trio has been known to cause many issues to people who have moved. A couple of weeks before you move, you should arrange for your utilities in your new place to be turned on a day or two before you move in. You should also not forget to cancel utilities at your old house. Change the address as you will be wondering what happened to your post before you finally realize that they have been sent to your old address. And also cancel all the subscriptions to magazines, all the memberships, etc. as you will lose money for no good reason.

Don`t forget to have fun

Having Fun With Friends

Not even all the hacks in the world can decrease your stress levels if you forget to have fun in the meanwhile. Do not think of moving as something dreadful and try to make the best of it. Leave an hour or two during each day to listen to your favorite music. You can do this while packing your belongings or cleaning the house. Or, you can watch some comedies, invite friends to help you out, and have fun together. Whatever you do, try to find the positive side of it, and try to laugh a little more every day, as moving just represents the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in your life. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!