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6 Reasons For Hiring A Moving and Storage Company

If you knew that professionals will take care of all of your belongings, at a reasonable price, in a time-efficient manner, how stressful would the entire moving process then be? You are right, it would be completely stress-free. And this is not a fairy tale, you can really have a team of experienced professionals move and store your items safely and quickly. We want to introduce you to all the benefits of hiring a moving and storage company so that you can make a decision that will fit your needs.

Less stress when hiring moving and storage company

As we already mentioned, when you hire a moving and storage company, stress disappears. Note that this only happens if you hire a reputable and experienced moving company. Beware of the fraudulent movers, especially if they ask you for a large deposit in advance. With the right movers, you will be able to go about your daily activities with no stress at all. Knowing that a skilled crew will be packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading your items will bring you joy and excitement.

More money

Hiring a Moving and Storage Company Means More Money

People usually decide to do a DIY move because they believe it will be less expensive. However, if you have not moved a couple of times recently, chances are that the DIY move will be more expensive due to inexperience. The moving process involves a lot of calculating. How many moving boxes and other packing supplies will you need? How much gas, and what size of the moving van will you need to move all of your belongings to your new home?

The list goes on and on and it becomes fairly easy to miscalculate and overspend money. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you buy exactly the right number of moving boxes, but two of them are damaged. So, you need to go back to the store and waste your time and money. With a professional moving company, you have a team that does all of this for you. And you do not have to overspend at all.

No moving injuries

Moving requires a lot of heavy lifting, carrying items to the moving van, loading, unloading, and much more. For this, you need to know all the moving techniques and to have someone skilled to assist you. Also, assembling and disassembling heavy furniture is demanding, and having pros handle this is quite useful. Why risk back pain, sprained ankle, or something worse if you do not have experience in handling bulky items? There is no need to be exhausted from packing, unpacking, and heavy lifting when you can avoid moving injuries, just relax, and watch others do it. You do not have to lift a finger after hiring a moving and storage company which is truly fantastic.

More time for everything else

When you move locally, you need approximately 8-12 weeks to plan and coordinate everything. During this time, you will not have to be able to spend quality time with your family, for example. When moving, you usually need to focus on things like finding a new job for you and your spouse, new schools for your children, more ways in which you can save money. If you hire professional movers, you will actually have enough time for all of this, plus you will be able to have some fun in the meanwhile.

Just because you are moving, it does mean you have to give up on going to the gym, or jogging, preparing and eating healthy food, and sleeping enough. Learn how to delegate by having the pros deal with your house belongings.

Insurance is the best thing you can have while moving

Moving and Storage Company Insurance Contract

If you are going for a DIY move and some of your items get damaged or lost, you will not be compensated. Hiring a moving company means that in case of an accident you will have insurance money. The process of claiming that money is not complicated. Once you move, you should just go through your items and check whether there is something missing or if something is damaged. Depending on the type of your items you can choose between several types of moving insurance. Let us see what are your options:

Full-value coverage

This basically means that in case of an accident you will be compensated for the current market value of the items in question. The trick with this kind of coverage is that you need to pay a premium upfront, which is usually around 10% of the total value of your belongings. However, it is pretty much worth it.

Released-value coverage

Here you will be compensated $0.60 per pound of the item that is lost or damaged. You do not have to pay for anything upfront, and if you do not have items are worth a lot, this may be the perfect solution.

For items that are worth more than $100 dollars per pound, you need to notify the moving company and fill out a special form, but that is pretty much it.

Perfect storage units

Climate-controlled Storage Units

No matter whether your new house is not yet ready for moving in, or if you have excess stuff that you do not even want to move to your new house, you do need a good storage unit. A storage unit that is safe and guarded, clean, and easily accessible. Movers will store your items if necessary, and then when you need them, they will deliver them to you at your new house. You can rest assured that all of your items will be safely stored in some of the best storage units NYC.

We have seen plenty of reasons why hiring a moving and storage company can be beneficial for you. All things considered, since we live in a hectic world where everything is changing really fast, having a reliable company on your side is the best thing that you can have during the moving process. We at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC understand how moving can be stressful. Even if you and your family have moved too many times to count, you probably still worry every time when it comes to moving. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime to get a free moving price. And, of course – good luck!