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10 Pros and Cons of Moving After Retirement

Retirement brings so many possibilities since you no longer have to put so much energy into your job. After retiring, you can travel, find a dream house, see places you dreamed about, spend more time with your loved ones, sign up for those dancing classes, or do anything else you never could because you were dedicated to working. Moving nationwide as a senior gives you the freedom to do whatever you want but at the same time, it has some drawbacks as well. Relocating after retirement is a great choice for some people, while it’s overwhelming and challenging for others. If you’re not sure whether you want to move away after you retire or not, we’ve got you covered. Carry on reading to find the pros and cons of moving after retirement.


Pros of Moving After Retirement

Pick a location you’ve always dreamed about

Probably the biggest benefit of moving after retirement is that you get to choose where you want to live. Whether you’re dreaming of moving from NYC to Florida or another state, or a country, you can go for it because you’re no longer tied by your job. Of course, the job is not the only thing to consider when choosing a place to live, but it’s certainly not something to hold you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Be close to family

Another good thing about moving after retirement is that you can live close to your family or friends. If your grandchildren or children live far away, you now have a chance to move closer and visit more often. Besides being there for your family to jump in when needed, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that they’re there to help you as well if you ever need anything.


Spending Time With Family

Spend more time with your grandchildren


If you still live in a home you bought for your family to have enough space for children growing up, then chances are that it’s too spacious for you now. The benefit of moving after retirement is that you can sell your big house and find a smaller and cozier place. Downsizing is beneficial for your finances but can also make you feel more comfortable and it’s much easier to maintain.

Save money

Who doesn’t like saving some cash? You can do that by moving to a cheaper city or state after you retire. Perhaps you had to live in a busy and expensive city for your work but you can now change that by finding a more affordable place to live. Instead of paying an extremely expensive mortgage or rent, you can use that money to travel or engage in other activities you find enjoyable.


Saving money after retirement - concept (a jar full of coins next to a house model)

Wise choosing provides more options for saving money after retirement

Find a better healthcare

It only makes sense to get as good healthcare as possible after retirement. Moving will give you a chance to have access to quality healthcare or the one that’s closer to your home or simply fits your needs better. It can also mean a possibility to find more affordable healthcare which can make all the difference in some cases.

Cons of Moving After Retirement

While there are certainly many benefits to moving after retirement, you’re likely to come across some challenges as well. Moving house after such a long time may take you out of your comfort zone but take all pros and cons into consideration and make an informed decision.

Saying goodbye

The first drawback of moving after retirement is that you’ll have to say farewell to your sweet home, your familiar surroundings, and the life you knew so far. Such a big change and emotional attachment to your home can be pretty difficult and you’re likely to feel sorry about leaving your house.


Goodbye written on a blue wall

Saying goodbye is never easy – but that’s life

Finding a new doctor

While getting better or cheaper healthcare may be a pro of moving after retirement, finding a doctor that suits you can be a downside for some people. Let’s say you trust your doctor and you’re fully satisfied with your healthcare at the moment – moving away would mean that you have to find a new doctor and building that trust can take time.

Missing friends and community

If you live close to your friends and you have a friendly community, you’re probably going to miss them after you move away. Of course, technology will help you stay in touch via texts or video calls but you may still miss dear people you’re used to seeing often in person.


A Senior Couple Is Chatting Online

Use technology to stay in touch with friends and family

Adapting to a new lifestyle

Moving after retirement allows you to have a new lifestyle and try things you haven’t tried before. While this is a pro for some people, in most cases you’ll have to put some effort and perhaps even overcome the culture shock in order to adapt to your new surroundings. You’ll have to adapt to new routines, new community, new people, and a new lifestyle.

Moving can be expensive and stressful

It’s not a secret that moving is stressful for most people but it can also be expensive. If you decide to move to another state, you should know that long-distance moves are not exactly cheap. While spending so much money or relocation can be a con, still, there are ways to cut costs. The best way to understand how much a cross-country move costs is to talk to a few trusted long-distance movers NYC – ask for at least three different quotes and ask as many questions as necessary to understand pricing systems. Some movers will offer discounts for seniors, so you may want to check those out as well. Of course, there are different ways to move cross-country. You might save some money by following cheap cross-country move tips from professionals.

Hopefully, our simple pros and cons will help you decide if it’s best to move after retirement or stay close to your sweet home. In case you’ve made up your mind and you’re about to move house, you should find a licensed and trusted NYC moving company to help you have the best moving experience. Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service! Contact us so we would chat about your upcoming relocation and tailor a plan for your specific situation. Feel free to ask for moving quotes – we provide them completely free of charge.