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10 Best Places to Live in the US for 2022

Planning to start fresh in 2022 but not sure where? Tag along as we explore the top 10 best places to live in the United States for 2022.


The first place on our list goes to Austin, Texas, thanks to its thriving job market, laid-back vibe, delicious food, and slogan you just can’t love, saying “Keep Austin Weird”. If being weird means having below the national average unemployment rate, loads of vibrancy and enthusiasm, people enjoying the outdoors, and memorable food, then we’re up for being weird anytime! The City of the Violet Crown is expected to see a whopping 10.9% increase in jobs in the next four years. Its startup culture is another benefit – this is one of the top ten cities for startups in the US. Also dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment.

Moving from NYC to Austin, Texas

And if you are a foodie, you’re also not to be worried at all – Austin is one of the most exciting food cities in the states, so you’ll be able to keep discovering different flavors and savor the exploratory experience anytime.


Coming in at number two on our list of best places to live in the US for 2022, we have Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is a part of the tri-city region aka the Triangle. It’s known as a university hub with deep research and technology roots. Having so many students, the area is busy and vibrant. So you’ll see lots of young people dining out, gathering in one of the local and plentiful microbreweries, exploring museums, and enjoying life overall. You’ll instantly notice a strong sense of community in Raleigh. That’s always a plus when looking for a new place to call home.

Raleigh North Carolina

When it comes to job opportunities, figures are more than simple – 17.25% job growth over the past five years plus the expected 9.6% growth by 2022 will give you just the idea of how thriving the job market is. So if you’re looking to move for a job, then Raleigh may easily be your next destination.

Virginia Beach

Now if you’re not up for this kind of scene and you’d rather find a place that’s booming for retirees, then you may want to check out the next place on our list – Virginia Beach. Don’t take our word for it but let’s look into the facts. Over the past eight years, there’s been an increase of 22% in the number of people age 50 and over moving to Virginia Beach. This makes so much sense when you consider that it’s one of the best beach destinations in the county, with more than 200 clear days a year. Well, who wouldn’t want that? And besides family-friendly beach stretches, you’ll also find a place for yourself if you want to surf as well as a quiet beach if you just want to relax by yourself and enjoy picturesque views.

When it comes to the job market, you’ll find some niche opportunities so it’s not exactly at the top of the list if you’re moving specifically for a job. But lots of other factors can make this vacation destination a place you’d happily call home.


Ok so now let’s talk about those people who live in New York City and can’t put up any longer with skyrocketing rent but they can’t really leave because of the job. As pandemic restrictions end, more and more people are moving out on their own, returning after they left cities, resulting in the rent surge. So here’s an idea – check out Greenwich in Connecticut. You’ll still be able to reach Midtown in about an hour, but you’ll get the comfort of not living in it – by the way, Greenwich is often ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Greenwitch CT

Given the high desirability of the largest town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, you should be prepared for the competitive housing market, but the good news is that nothing compares to NYC so you’re likely experienced enough to make it work. And if you’re worried thinking Greenwich is only a charming historic town, rest assured you’ll find just as much of a cosmopolitan vibe here so no worries about that.


Now let’s move on to the fifth-best place to move to in 2022, we’re talking about Seattle, Washington. The natural beauty of Seattle is more than evident. Being surrounded by both mountains and water, giving you so much to enjoy from hiking trails and sprawling parks to ski resorts. But the Emerald City gives you as much inside as it does outside. You’ll be able to walk the tree-lined streets, see plenty of affordable attractions and find yourself enjoying this new, calm, and patient Seattle vibe. When it comes to the job market, there’s no trouble there. You’ll see that several globally recognized companies have their headquarters here, including Amazon, Starbucks, Costco, Nordstrom, and so on, but you’ll also find more small businesses growing.

Seattle skyline

Because Seattle is consistently ranked as one of the most highly educated cities in America, it only makes sense why so many companies choose to open offices here and tap into the deep talent pool. Although the cost of living is relatively high, you probably won’t regret your decision about moving here, especially if you score a lofty job.

Colorado Springs

The number six on our list of best places to move to in 2022 goes to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The first reason why you should consider living here is that the city is ranked as one the best tech hubs in the country. Plus, they’re expecting to see about 7% job growth by the next year. The living cost index in Colorado Springs is 104.5 compared to the national average of 100, making it slightly higher but still pretty affordable compared to other big U.S. cities. You’ll find that housing is on the expensive side. But, most other things are lower than the nation’s average, such as utilities, groceries, transportation, and health costs.

Colorado Springs


Another place you should consider if you’re seeking employment in the tech industry is Jacksonville, Florida. The projected job growth in the area by 2022 is 7.7%. The city’s population is also expected to increase following the pattern from previous years. In case you’re not happy with only scoring a job, worry not. You’ll find about 22 miles of beaches and plenty more things to enjoy in this coastal city. Artists’ hub here is combined with farmers’ market so you’ll get to enjoy some delicious bites while listening to live music and supporting local artists – and what more could one want?



If the tech industry doesn’t interest you and you’d rather move somewhere with other sectors thriving, then the next place you should consider in 2022 is Mesa, Arizona. For those looking to spend many sunny days enjoying the outdoors, this place makes a great choice. Like most other places on our list, Mesa is expected to see more jobs and population growth in the next couple of years. Check this place out especially if you’re in the investment and manufacturing sectors. You’ll find low taxes and lower than the nation’s average cost of living, while not having to look far for an outdoor retreat and getting to enjoy almost 300 clear days a year.

Mesa AZ


The ninth place on the list of best places to move to in the following year goes to Columbus, Ohio. The reason why you should consider this place is that it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the States, and here’s proof of that – Columbus had an increase of almost 11% in population and an amazing 14% job growth, only in the past eight years. The cost of living is 98.8 compared to the national average which is 100, so it’s also an affordable option to consider when looking for a new place in the next year. The reason for metro area being bustling and energetic has to do with Ohio State University and other city’s employers. Rest assured you’ll find plenty of art, music, and culture if you move to Columbus.

Columbus Ohio


And the last place on our list of cities to move to in 2022 goes to Boulder, Colorado. Boulder has been dubbed “the city nestled between the mountains and reality”. It’s known for its stunning nature, outdoor activities, vibrant downtown, as well as its community’s laid-back attitude. This intriguing place is often ranked high among the best places to live in the US. And once you visit, you’ll easily understand why. Living in America’s Foodiest Town comes at a steep price. So, do check if your budget can handle moving to this amazing place.

Boulder CO

Are there any places you’re considering for 2022? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so make sure you leave a comment! Thanks for watching Dumbo Moving channel and hope to see you in our next video!